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5 time-saving tips techies will tell you

Ever wonder how some people can get a million things done in a day? Working in a startup means you have to juggle a lot of tasks, and execute them on-the-go. We asked some of our #teamcoinsph members what they do to add a few extra minutes to their day.


1. There’s an app for that

Everyone’s got their go-to apps to get things done. With more of our friends in tech investing in the Philippines, more and more apps are getting localized and becoming very useful. Here are our favorites:


  • Transportation is the quintessential Pinoy problem. Uber and Grab have revolutionized the the way we commute, while PinoyTravel is a local Android app that lets you book bus tickets in advance for longer trips.
  • There are a million productivity apps, but Evernote and Slack are our staples. You’d be surprised at how many minutes LastPass saves us from trying to remember and type in passwords for all these apps.
  • Finally got time for date night? Whether it’s dinner and a movie, or Netflix and chill, you can consult Zomato for a restaurant, use Booky to make a reservation, or have FoodPanda deliver it to you. Check movie screen times with ClickTheCity, or stream videos with Hooq and iFlix.
  • Or take that extra time to focus on yourself. Get discounted exercise classes with KFit and Guava Pass, or book yourself a massage with Zennya.
  • And of course, skip the lines at banks by paying bills and sending money with Coins.ph.


2. Get your meals delivered

You can’t keep going with nothing to fuel you. Let the cooks to do the cooking, so you can do your thing without going hungry. There are so many meal delivery options in Manila – catering everything from home-style goodness to carefully crafted diet plans. #teamcoinsph Justin and Maria have been exploring the meal delivery scene and share with us their favorites.

Justin powers through with Paleo Manila:

During work when your schedule gets packed and you’re really crunched for time, it’s often quite difficult to go hunting for healthy food options. Oftentimes, what ends up happening is that you either 1) settle for the nearest option (whatever that is) or 2) go hungry. That’s where Paleo Manila comes in. I don’t have to think or worry about whether or not the food I’m about to eat tastes good or is healthy because Paleo delivers on both every time.

While Maria’s feeling happy and healthy with Good Meal Hunting:

I was looking for healthy food. I don’t eat at the office because my stomach is sensitive with sauces, etc. so I usually bring something from home. Good Meal Hunting – I loved the name! I was so glad when they relaunched their website 2 weeks ago. They now accept Payment Requests from Coins.ph!


3. Take advantage of delivery and errand services

Meals aren’t the only thing you can get delivered. A variety of delivery and errand services have popped up to make our lives so much easier:

  • Happy Fresh and MetroMart and  offer grocery deliveries from different stores in the city. You can even choose what time to have them delivered so you’re sure to get them into your fridge fresh. And if you’re sick, MedExpress delivers medicines to your doorstep.
  • Have a dependable kuya run errands for you with HeyKuya, or save on gas when you have a bike messenger do your deliveries with Pedala.
  • You can even outsource cleaning your house or getting your appliances fixed with local companies KasaKoo and Gawin.ph.


4. Shop online


Whether it’s from online retail powerhouses like Zalora and Lazada, or direct from sellers on OLX, online shopping is the way to go when you’re pressed for time and hunting for a bargain. For curated pieces and unique finds, Instagram is the place to go to discover local businesses.

Discount sites like CashCashPinoy and MetroDeal can make online shopping even cheaper than regular shopping. Now with easy payment options and trusted delivery services, it’s definitely more convenient.

#teamcoinsph Tami loves discovering new merchants on Instagram:

I have to hold myself back when looking at Seek the Uniq because it’s just too easy to buy things! Recently, I had a gift made out of my Instagram photos from FotograBooks. I sent them my photos, paid via bank deposit using Coins.ph, and had the gift delivered. Everything was done on my phone. Choosing photos was the hardest part!

5. Make the most of your commute


No local list is complete without mentioning Manila traffic… again. Waze may be able to tell you how long you’ll be on the road, but it can’t make that time any shorter. Our CEO Ron maximizes every bit of time by working on the road, and catching up on emails and team communications. If you’ve got an internet connection on your phone, use the waiting time to get some work done. Just make sure you aren’t the one driving!

  • Tick off items on your Any.do list by using apps that sync across devices. Google Drive lets you work on documents, sheets, and even presentations from your smart phone and computer seamlessly.
  • Ask an expert: MyLegalWhiz and Medifi let you consult lawyers and doctors for your legal and medical needs.
  • Take control of your future: Look for job postings on Kalibrr, a place to live on Hoppler, or your next vacation on FlipTrip.
  • Manage your money: Manage your payroll with PayrollHero, or find a loan on PawnHero. And of course, pay your bills and make payment requests from customers and clients using Coins.ph!

BONUS: Disconnect

While most things really take time, they don’t have to take up yours. Let your notifications tell you about the rest of the world instead of constantly checking up on things. Set your smart watch to remind you when something is important, but mute your notifications on social messaging groups when you’re doing something important. As much as we embrace technology, sometimes we have to set it aside so we can focus on the things we need to do, or on the people we value most.

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