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Which Household Appliances Cost the Most Electricity?

Did you know you can shave pesos off your Meralco bill just by unplugging appliances? Certain home appliances are major energy vampires even if they aren’t being used, while chargers and small appliances consume electricity even if they’re just on standby. The amount becomes significant when you add up all the idle devices you have lying around.

Here are some appliances you should unplug when they’re not in use.


Small things like mobile phone and tablet chargers consume 1 watt while plugged, up to 10 watts while charging, and half that amount when your phone is already charged but still plugged in. It might be more convenient to keep them plugged, but it’ll be safer and cheaper to only plug them when needed.

TV, sound and gaming systems, media boxes

We love our music and videos, but your entertainment systems don’t need to be plugged in all the time. While media appliances don’t consume much energy when idle, they don’t need to consume any energy at all if you’re not using them.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances that are small enough to move around like the coffee-maker, microwave, toaster, and rice-cooker consume energy while they’re plugged in. The microwave, in particular, consumes about 20 watts while idle and even more when the door is open.

Home computers

Too many computers are left on standby instead of shut down. On standby mode, they’re still running and consuming a small amount of energy. How do you think they boot up so fast when you move the mouse. If you don’t need it after 2 hours, you should definitely switch it off.

Lamps and fans

Mood lighting is important, but saving energy is more important. If you don’t always turn on your fancy lamps, unplug them and turn them on only when you need to. Same goes for electric fans. If you already have the air conditioner on, unplug the fan and only plug it when you use it.

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