3 Things That Will Help You Avoid Saying “Pautang” Again

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“Bro, puwede ikaw muna, bayaran kita pag may allowance na ulit.”

“Dude, kukulangin ata ako, palitan ko nalang next time, okay lang?”

“Friend, pautang naman ako, kahit 150 lang.”

Seems familiar? Yes, of course it does. Who among us hasn’t had to borrow money from a friend or a family member?

Utang, or borrowing money, is very much a part of our society. It’s sometimes caused by unexpected emergencies, but a lot of it is the result of bad money management. There are many types of debt, and some are easier to pay than others. For now, let’s run through 3 ways how we can avoid utang.

1. Keep track of your expenses

Build better money habits by being aware of where your money goes. You can do this by tracking all your expenses using a digital money tracker. You can choose from a wide array of money-tracking apps in both Play Store & Google Play like. Spendee, Level Money, and GoodBudget are some tools you can use.

2. Budget, budget, budget

Once you start tracking, you’ll soon realize where you need to cut your spending. This also makes it easier for you to create a budget so have enough money set aside for expenses, without sacrificing on fun.

As long as you keep a close eye on your spending all day, your wallet will get into better shape.

3. Keep ’em hidden, keep ’em safe

An emergency fund will always be your best friend. As long as you have at least 2 months of your salary in savings, you’ll be able to deal with any disaster life throws your way. Start a savings account and make a habit of keeping 10% of your sweldo in it every payday.

There we go, three little steps on how to run away from saying “Uy pautang naman!” for the millionth time.  Money saving just needs a bit of discipline and better habits.

While you’re at it, watch how Thesis Bro got rid of his last utang by using Coins.ph’s wallet-to-wallet transfer feature.

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