New: Cash In to at Any Bayad Center Branch |

New: Cash In to at Any Bayad Center Branch!

The first step to making life easy with is to cash in or put money into your peso wallet. You can instantly cash in at thousands of outlets nationwide, and we’re always adding new outlets to make life more convenient.

Today, we’re happy to announce that you can cash in to your wallet at any Bayad Center branch. It’s free for amounts under Php 100. Once you’ve cashed in, you can use to buy load, pay bills, load beep, buy game credits, and save money with rebates!Follow these steps to cash in at Bayad Center:

Step 1: Open your wallet, and go to the Cash In tab.

Step 2: Place a cash in order by going to the Remittance Center option and selecting Bayad Center. You may check the full list of Bayad Center outlets here

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to cash in. You need a minimum amount of Php 50 to cash in at Bayad Center, and it’s free for amounts under Php 100. There’s a 2% cash in fee for amounts between Php 101 – Php 50,000.

Step 4: Go to your nearest Bayad Center outlet and fill out a Transaction Form with the provided details on the cash in order:

  • Under “Account Name,” write your full name (surname first). You will also be asked to provide your address and contact number.
  • Tick the “Bills Payment” checkbox.
  • Under “Biller,” write “”
  • Under “Amount Due,” write down the amount due provided by
  • Under “Account Number,” write down the 12-digit account number provided by

That’s it! Your funds will be credited to your wallet instantly.

Give it a try – cash in at your nearest Bayad Center today!

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