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A Guide to the Best Globe Call and Text Promos in 2018

Confused about the many Globe call and text promos out there? We’ve compiled a handy list for you to determine which one is worth the money.

Globe Call and Text Promos 2018

Calls500 minutes10 minutes to Globe/TMUnlimited to Globe/TM710 minutes to Globe/TM
TextsUnlimited to Globe/TM250 texts to all networksUnlimited to Globe/TMUnlimited to Globe/TM
Add-Ons1 hour of mobile internet10 MB for Facebook
Validity7 days7 days1 day1 day30 days

Globe GOCALL100

Are you more of a caller than a texter? The GOCALL100 is right for you!

For just P100, you can enjoy 500 minutes’ worth of calls to Globe and TM subscribers for seven days. That’s more than an hour of calls per day to your family and friends!

However, you would need to have some extra load if you want to send text messages since this promo doesn’t come with free texts.


If you prefer texting over calling, then you may want to consider getting the GOUNLITXT49 instead.

The promo includes unlimited texts to Globe and TM users for seven days. At only P49 pesos, it surely is an affordable deal.


But what if you want to also send messages to your friends who aren’t Globe or TM users?

Subscribe to ATXTPLUS20, and you already get 250 texts to all networks, valid for one day.

Plus, you get a bonus 10 minutes of calls to Globe and TM subscribers. With this promo, your P20 certainly can go a long way.


Need more texts or minutes? Just add P5 to the ATXTPLUS20, and you get unlimited texts and calls to Globe and TM numbers for one day using the UALLPLUS25 promo.

It also comes with a free one hour of mobile internet, which you can use to surf the net, post on Instagram, or browse your Facebook feed.


Why go for one-day promos when you can afford to pay for one month?

With the GOALLNET500, you get 710 minutes’ worth of calls and unlimited texts to Globe and TM subscribers for 30 days. Plus, you get a bonus of 10 MB for your Facebook fix.

Priced at P500, it might seem pricey at first glance. But you’re only paying P17 per day for calls and texts, which makes it a good value for your money.

Remember, your choice ultimately depends on your mobile needs. Do you need something for the long-term or just one day? Do you call all the time, or would text messages suffice?

Whichever promo you choose, use Coins.ph to purchase your Globe prepaid promos and get an instant 10% rebate. You won’t get that money-saving deal from any reloading station!

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