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What is the Best Smart Unli Call and Text Promo?

Going Unli is a no-brainer if you want to get the most value for money. But if you don’t know which Smart unli call and text promo you should use in 2018, this guide can help you decide:

Smart Unli Call and Text Promos in 2018

PromoUnliText Plus 15Unli Call & Txt 30Unli Call & Txt 50Unli Call & Txt 100Unli Call & Txt 350
PricePHP 15PHP 30PHP 50PHP 100PHP 350
Call10 mins to Smart, Sun, TNTUnlimited to Smart, Sun, TNTUnlimited to Smart, Sun, TNTUnlimited to Smart and TNTUnlimited to Smart, Sun, TNT
TextUnlimited Texts to Smart/TNT + 50 All Net TextsUnlimited to all networksUnlimited to all networksUnlimited to Smart and TNT + 80 texts to all networksUnlimited to all networks
DataN/A70 MB50 MB30 MB500MB
Validity2 Day1 Day3 Days4 Days30 Days

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Unli Text Plus 15

The cheapest of the Smart load options, Unli Text Plus 15 is great for when you need to make multiple quick calls or text blasts throughout the day. You even get 50 All Net texts for your non Smart or Talk N Text friends.

There’s no data allocation for this promo, so you won’t be able to browse, go on Facebook, or use messaging apps, but for the unlimited texts and 10 minutes worth of calls for two days, this is still pretty much a steal.

Unli Call and Text 30

When you need to be out the whole day and need to constantly touch base with family, colleagues, or friends, this promo is definitely for you. Text messaging is unlimited to all networks so you can blast messages to everyone. Calls are limited to trinet but the ability to call anyone with a Smart, Talk N Text, and Sun for lengthy periods throughout the whole day makes communication a whole lot easier.

You only get around 70MB for the day, but that should be enough to get in a few messages through FB messenger, Viber, or other messaging apps.

Unli Call and Text 50

Going out on a weekend trip? The Unli Call and Text 50 is definitely one to consider. With unlimited texts to all networks and unlimited trinet calls for three whole days, keeping in contact with your travel buddies or updating your parents, partners, or spouse should be no problem.

At 50MB for the weekend, you might not be able to post any of your amazing vacation photos on Facebook or Instagram, so you might want to hold off on posting until you get back home. On the plus side, you get to live in the moment instead of living on a screen for an entire weekend.

Unli Call and Text 100

Whether you’re taking a long holiday or you’ll be doing fieldwork for the week, you’re going to want to make sure that you can fire a message or make quick calls at any moment. So you won’t have to worry about getting your hands on load throughout the week, try the Unli Call and Text 100.

For four days, you get unlimited calls and texts to Smart and Talk N Text subscribers and 80 All Net texts in case you need to contact people from other networks. There’s only 30MB allocated in this promo so you’re not going to want to use messaging apps as your main method of contact for this one.

Unli Call and Text 350

While the most expensive of the bunch, this promo is the most practical for daily use. At only 350 pesos, you get 30 days of unlimited texting to all networks and unlimited calls to Smart, Sun, and Talk N Text subscribers.

Although the Unli Call and Text 350 does offer the most data, 500MB isn’t much especially spaced out over the course of 30 days. Stick to light Internet use on this promo and wait for a WiFi connection if you need to stream or download.

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