The Best TM Internet Promo to Use (2019) |

The Best TM Internet Promo to Use (2019)

In the past, we’ve covered Globe internet promos and Smart internet promos to see which data promos are the best for you. This time, we’re taking a look at our top picks for TM internet promos in 2018.

The Best TM Internet Promos in 2018

DATA40MB consumable40MB consumable 1GB consumable 1.5B consumable6GB consumable
FREEBIEN/A30MB Mobile Legends300MB for selected app + Unlimited text to all networks1GB for selected app1GB for selected app
VALIDITY1 Day2 Days3 Days30 Days30 Days


The cheapest among the Touch Mobile data promos, the GoSURF10 is great for when you’re in a pinch. Out late at night and need to book a Grab ride? Subscribe to this promo and at 10 pesos, you’ll be in a comfy car on the way home in a jiffy.


While great for quick messaging and Grab rides, this promo isn’t exactly the best for heavy Internet users. For those who need to be online for most of the day, don’t expect the GoSURF15 to last you the two day validity. As for Mobile Legends lovers, you may want to subscribe to a separate promo if you want to play for long uninterrupted periods.


Going on a weekend getaway? The GoSURF50 is the best budget promo for all of your comms and social media needs. At just 50 pesos, you get a generous 1GB allowance, additional 300MB for your favorite app, and unlimited texts to all networks for 3 whole days. It’s perfect for scrolling through your feed while in transit, and even posting your gorgeous holiday photos on Instagram and Facebook throughout your trip. You’ll even have enough to stream videos on YouTube.


If you’re not a heavy user but need data for those sporadic Grab rides, messaging apps, or quick conference calls on the go, this promo is definitely for you. While 299 pesos may seem steep, considering the 0.5GB difference you get from GoSURF50, its 30 day validity would be more logical if you’re the type to use your data allowance sparingly. You even get an additional 1GB for your favorite app or for that comms app required at work.


Need to be connected the whole day every day? The GoSURF999 is definitely a good choice. You may think that 999 pesos is expensive but, if you think about it, that’s only 33 pesos every day for being constantly online. The 6GB allocation plus 1GB for a selected app is more than generous for 30 days.

This is especially if you consider the times that you’ll be connected to a WiFi source. If you have a job in Sales or need to be on field most days of the week, having 6GB consumable for emails, instant messaging, streaming, and surfing is convenient to have.

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The best data promo for you is always going to be dependent on your lifestyle. Whatever you budget is, there is a wide range of TM promos suited for your needs.

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