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How to Apply for a Credit Card Online


With social distancing and establishment capacity limits still in place, getting face-to-face services from your bank or other financial establishments can get quite tricky. Ingress and egress procedures make getting in and out more tedious and make the lines much longer than normal.

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If you think that you need to head to your bank in-person just to get a credit card, think again. Many Philippine credit card companies today allow you to apply for a credit card online. You just need to prepare a few things:


How to apply for a credit card online in the Philippines

Many different banks offer credit card services and each has its own procedures on how to apply. But in general, the application process goes like this:

1. Select a credit card provider

Here are some of the credit card companies available in the Philippines. Click any of the credit card provider links below to apply now!

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2. Choose a credit card type

Before you apply for a specific card, consider your lifestyle. Are you into fashion? Do you prefer to wine and dine? Maybe you spend more on traveling than anything else? There are so many different types of credit cards to suit specific needs.

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3. Prepare electronic copies of your supporting documents.

For employed:

  • 2 Government IDs (1 Primary or 2 Secondary IDs)
  • Proof of employment
    • Company ID
    • Latest 3 months payslips
    • ITR Form 2316
    • Certificate of Employment w/ Compensation and Benefits signed by an authorized signatory (at most 6 months old)

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For self-employed or business owners:

  • Proof of Business
    • 3 years ITR and latest DTI/SEC registration
    • latest 3 years audited financial statements
  • Proof of billing
    • Bank statement
    • Credit card statement
    • Insurance statement
    • Electricity bill
    • Water bill
    • Telephone or Cellphone bill
    • Cable/Internet bill
    • Association dues
    • Remittance receipts

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4. Fill in the forms and submit your documents

Take note that these forms are going to be a bit long. Just be patient. Some of the information you need to fill in will be:

  • Civil status
  • Employment type
  • Previous employment
  • Number of years in the company
  • Annual income
  • Home Address
  • Number of years in residence
  • Credit card from another banking institution, number and credit limit

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5. Wait for the bank to contact you for further instructions.

It will either be via email or through the contact numbers you provided. Since different banks have different credit card procedures, take note that the application process may not appear in this order exactly.

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Pay Credit Card Bills Online

Once you get your credit card, be sure to never miss a payment so you can avoid penalties, interest, and other fees. Use to pay your credit card bill online so you skip the long lines and stay safe at home!

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