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Budgeting 101: Maximizing Your 13th Month Pay

13th month pay

For rank-and-file employees in the Philippines, the Christmas season means 13th-month pay. While this government-mandated monetary benefit can give you a little extra for splurging this holiday season, that doesn’t mean you should spend all your money this December.

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Want to maximize your 13th-month pay? Here are a few ways: 


1. Pay your debts

Whether it’s for a car loan, housing loan, or credit card debt, the first thing you should allot your 13th month to is debt payments. 

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If your benefit is large enough, try to eliminate or at least reduce your debt. Even if you wouldn’t have much left over for the fun stuff, starting the New Year with one less financial burden to worry about is a big win.

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2. Save, Save, Save

Before you go shopping, make sure to put a portion in your emergency funds. It’s not the most exciting thing your money will go to, but having a respectable sum tucked away for emergencies can bring you peace of mind.

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3. Buy an insurance

If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to get insurance. From educational plans, critical illness insurance, death benefits, investment plans, and more, our local insurance companies can help you prepare better for your and your family’s future.

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4. Buy a gadget that can help you make money

Treating yourself to the latest iPhone or other gadget on Christmas isn’t bad. But if you really want to maximize your new tech, try buying one that can help you make money for monthly payments or even extra cash monthly. 

You can get a new laptop and go freelance after work hours, or even a new mixer or oven to help you start a baking business. Think of your skills and passions. With a little hard work, the possibilities are endless.


5. Upgrade old appliances

If you have 10+ year old appliances, you may be spending more for electricity than you ought to. While they may be working fine, the newer models are more efficient with power consumption and are probably less of a fire hazard. If it’s been a decade since you last bought it, it’s probably time to toss it out for a shiner, new model.

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