Cash out from GCash to Account

Cash-out your GCash straight to your bank account

GCash comes with all the flexibility of mobile money, allowing you to transfer money and make payments anywhere you go.

But what if you have to cash out?

GCash charges ₱20 for every ₱1,000 and any amount in excess that you cash out. If you have to cash out bigger amounts above ₱10000, you will easily have to shell out ₱200 or more. Plus, you can only cash out via accredited GCash outlets.

Is there an alternative way?

An increasing number of GCash customers have been using as a cheaper cash-out option. How? All they have to do is cash-in GCash to their wallets.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to convert your GCash to wallet: charges only ₱10 for every ₱1000 of deposits. For bigger amounts, it goes even lower with a ₱40 fixed rate for any amount above ₱4000.

More options with greater flexibility 

Even beyond the cheap rates, cashing out via also offers greater flexibility without any monthly fees or minimum deposits:

  • Send GCash directly to your bank account without any fees.
  • Send money to pawnshops like Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuiller, LBC directly from your mobile phone.
  • Withdraw your cash instantly without a bank card at any Security Bank ATM.
  • Get ₱5 cashback for bill payments and 5% rebate for load.

Want to try it out? Create an account now to start using GCash.

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