Community Spotlight: Geraldine is blessed in the promised land

Community Spotlight: Geraldine is blessed in the promised land

Every year, millions of Filipinos take their chances and search for work abroad. Geraldine is one of those lucky ones who have been blessed with a wonderful job, kind employers, and a loving family.


Life is sweet in the land of milk and honey

Geraldine has lived in Israel for the last 11 years. She lives in Ashkelon, a sunny seaside city that dates back to Biblical times. There, she takes care of an old woman with an Alzheimer’s disease, her alaga for the last 11 years. The children of her alaga are kind to her and treat her like family. She’s very lucky that she works in a family-centered culture, and her employers know just how important it is to let her go home to see her loved ones.

“I don’t have stress at work, I have peace of mind because the children of my employer are all supportive. They are good people.”


Anyone with family abroad knows how hard it is to be separated from them, but Geraldine says that the internet has made it easier because she can talk to her family everyday. Coming from a hard-working family herself, she has relatives in other parts of the world too. It was her brother in Japan that introduced her to

“I use regularly. I can settle the bills even if I’m not in the Philippines, like monthly contributions to SSS for my husband and mine, and the internet bills. I also use it to load my husband’s phone and mine. I love the process, no service charge and they send sms once the money is deposited already. I love also paying bills and buying load, I can get rebates in every payment.”

Aside from being in touch with her family back home, Geraldine is fortunate to have some relatives working in Israel. And of course, they too use!

“They use it also regularly. Sometimes I have to borrow money from them, and transfer to my peso wallet. Its easier, faster, and more convenient now to transfer money anywhere using”

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