Community Spotlight: Get inspired by #girlboss Janina

Get inspired by #girlboss Janina

She’s a lawyer and a businesswoman, a philanthropist and survivor, and one of the most admirable women we’ve had the pleasure of meeting through Janina has her own law practice, she donates to various church projects and charities, supports a scholar, and somehow she still manages to love doing burpees during CrossFit sessions. Read on to find out why we think Janina is a role model for all women.


“Okay, I’m not an activist or extreme feminist. I have no deep textbook understanding of the human rights’ version of women empowerment. I just consider myself as strengthened by circumstances both past and present so I think of myself as empowered now. I am not an expert but I just think that a woman should be able to live at least an ordinary life, free from physical, emotional or financial abuse. A woman should not be bound by the norm of having a partner to provide support or to protect her as she should be able to and capable of earning enough to support herself and strong enough to protect herself from harm or judgment – even if she is currently in a state where she does not have to.”

Janina isn’t your usual #girlboss
After graduating from Ateneo Law in 2007, Janina climbed the lawyer’s corporate ladder through big-name firms, before moving back to her hometown Pampanga to set up her own practice, Fernando Lagman & Avenida Law Offices (, a full-service general professional partnership.

The move was actually a lifestyle decision: she and her husband wanted a family, but her body wasn’t letting it happen. She’s had an ectopic pregnancy, a fallopian tube removed, and three miscarriages since 2012. She was diagnosed with APAS, a condition that prevents her from having a baby because her immune system rejects it. Rather than resign herself to the fact, she’s been working to make her body healthier through CrossFit and monthly lymphocyte immunotherapy. Whatever the weight on her shoulders, we know Janina can lift it.


Virtues and values
Janina may be one tough lady, but she’s got the softest heart. She donates and raises funds for cancer patients who she knows personally, or assists abused women and children in their legal needs. She funds a college scholar, who is taking up accountancy in their community college. In her parish, she heads the Immaculate Conception Guagua Town Fiesta Committee, where she raises funds to implement projects and hold events for the parishioners and the constituents of Guagua.

To help raise funds, Janina started Ten Virtues, her clothing brand, which features a line of statement shirts that promote women empowerment. 50% of the proceeds go towards funding for parish organizations, church projects, the youth, and the protection of women and children. Through her shirts, she hopes to help women realize that they are strong, that they deserve respect, that they are worth it.


“I am worth it”

“It’s a simple one-liner but bursting with deep and relatable circumstances. I want to be able to reach out most especially to young girls who can still be formed and shaped by good role  models, so that they will learn to respect themselves, treat themselves better and not let any man or woman make them feel inferior or weak. This also applies to women trapped in abusive relationships, and any person who is almost convinced that they are worth less than they actually are.

We are worth all the effort we do and should do to improve ourselves, our way of life and our standard of measuring ourselves and other people. We must learn empathy so we do not step on other people, or attack their weaknesses.

I think we are all worth it. We just have to realize that.”


We first encountered her clothing line Ten Virtues because she uses our Payment Request feature. The strong women empowerment message piqued our interest, and we just had to introduce her to the community. Check out her shirts on Instagram, and her inspiring posts about other women role models, just like this one of Zairah.


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