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GCQ Guide: Commuting in Metro Manila


As quarantine eases up in Metro Manila, millions of Filipinos are going back to the daily grind of commuting to work. But just because mass transportation is slowly becoming more available doesn’t mean that things are back to pre-COVID normal.

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Before you reload your beep cards and brave the long lines, here are a few tips for commuting in Metro Manila in GCQ.


1. Know the operating schedules

Curfews are still in place in Metro Manila which means that public transport will also be on strict schedules. LRT Line 1 will operate between 4:30AM and 10PM, while LRT Line 2 and MRT will operate between 5AM and 9PM. PUJs, UV Express, tricycles, and other public transport vehicles will also be bound by local curfews.


2. Bring your own pen

Before you enter the train station and most establishments, you will probably be asked to sign health declaration forms and other contact tracing forms. Be sure to bring your own pen to limit the possible transmission of germs and viruses from shared pens.

3. Download a QR code app

You can also limit the spread of viruses and germs by downloading a QR code app. Most establishments will have a QR code for contact tracing and health declaration apart from physical forms. This way, you can fill in all the forms straight from your phone!


4. Social Distance

Just because we have a little more freedom to go out doesn’t mean we’re no longer in a pandemic. Remember to keep your distance to stay safe and out of trouble.

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5. Sanitize as often as possible

Whether it’s stomp mats or alcohol sprays, sanitize as often as possible. You may not notice it, but everything you touch, sit on, or even lean on outside of your home is a potentially infected surface. Frequent and proper sanitation will keep you and others safe and healthy.

6. Don’t talk on the phone in public transport

Not only is it polite to wait until you’re in a more private area before engaging in a call, but it also limits the spread of droplets in an enclosed space. Stay courteous as well as safe. Don’t make or answer phone calls while on public transport!


7. Load your beep card online

If you’re going to travel via train or P2P bus, be sure to reload your beep cards online so you can limit contact with public loading machines and surfaces.

Tip: Reload your beep card instantly using your Coins Android app! Stay safe and skip the long lines. (Read: How to Load Beep using Coins)


8. Load your Easytrip and Autosweep online

If you’re going to travel via private vehicle, have the right RFID devices installed to limit contact with people and make your long drives faster and easier. With RFID, you can just zip through toll gates and the fees will automatically be debited to your account.

If you frequently make trips up north, an Easytrip RFID will let you through NLEX, SCTEX, and CAVITEX, easy-peasy. But if your travels take you to and from the south, an Autosweep RFID should have you breezing through SLEX , Skyway, NAIAX, and MCX.

With Coins.ph, you can buy load for your Easytrip RFID and Autosweep RFID straight from your phone! Just tap Cash Out, select Tollway Credits, choose either Easytrip or Autosweep, enter the amount, and Slide to Pay!

my phone is my wallet

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