Get an ID by applying for NBI clearance online |

Get an ID by applying for NBI clearance online

Time-saving tip: Did you know that you can apply for and renew your NBI clearance online? 

Applying for an NBI clearance online is easy. Simply fill up their online application form, and schedule an appointment. You can also make your NBI clearance payment online, and skip the line when you appear at your appointed time. If this is one of your first IDs, you can present your birth certificate as proof of identification.

Click here for the official tutorial from the NBI website:


As its name implies, NBI clearance is an official assurance that you have no criminal records and are of good moral standing. Having it is very important when you apply for a job, start a business, or if you want to work or study abroad.

For your safety, requires ID verification to sign up, to access higher cash-out and cash-in limits, and to avail of payment requests. See what other valid government IDs are accepted by

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