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HOMEWATCH vs HOMESURF: Which one is better?


Whether it’s for education, working from home, staying up to date with world news, or just unwinding with your favorite games and shows, connectivity has become a necessity in the new normal.

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If you don’t want to commit to a long term plan or if your area doesn’t have the infrastructure for cabled connections, a good alternative is getting Globe Prepaid Wifi. Globe Prepaid Wifi offers a couple of promo options to cater to your specific needs. The only question now is: in the battle of HomeWATCH VS HomeSURF, which Globe Prepaid WiFi promo is better?

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.



If entertainment is your main priority, Globe Prepaid HomeWATCH is your best option. HomeWATCH offers up to 4GB of free data daily for YouTube, Netflix, iflix, iWant TV, HOOQ, NBA, TikTok,  and other video streaming apps.



If you have a multi-season show that you want to binge on for a budget, this is the promo for you. HomeWATCH199 offers up to 34GB of data, valid for 7 days, with a daily cap of 6GB open access data + 4GB just for videos.

Best suited for: budget watching



If you’re on your annual 2 weeks leave, HomeWATCH 599 offers up to 75GB of data, valid for 15 days. That’s 15GB of open access data + 4GB just for videos daily so you can binge on your favorite shows while on your dream staycation.

Best suited for: staycation binge



If you’re single and watch multiple shows on the regular, this promo is exactly what you need. HomeWATCH999 lets you watch all your favorite shows all month long with up to 140GB of data, valid for 30 days, with a cap of  20GB open access data + 4GB for videos daily.

Best suited for: regular bingers



If you’re a couple who binges on your own shows separately, or a family who loves to watch but also get work and school done, HomeWATCH1499 offers up to 200GB of data, valid for 30 days. You only cap after 80 GB per day, so coupled with the 4GB for videos, you can stream to your heart’s content.

Best suited for: couples and families



If your Internet usage is more for email, web browsing, and social media, or other work and homeschooling tasks, HomeSURF is your best bet. It allocates more data to open access data rather than streaming platforms so you can focus on work, work, work!



If your Internet needs are more on the web browsing and emailing side, HomeSURF199 is more than enough with up to 22GB, valid for 7 days. Daily open access data caps at 15GB and your 1GB for video refresh daily!

Best suited for: basic web browsing



If you need a little bit more data to keep up with your online work and maybe some online homeschool tasks for the kids, HomeSURF599 offers up to 55GB for 15 days, with open access data that caps at of 40GB daily, plus 1GB daily for YouTube.

Best suited for: homeschooling and work tasks



If you’re a work from home warrior whose work doesn’t require much large file transfers, HomeSURF999 offers up to 100GB of data valid for 30 days. Your daily data allowance caps at 70GB, but you still have 1GB that refreshes daily for YouTube streaming.

Best suited for: work from home singles



If you have two work from home earners, and maybe a few kids that do online learning and social media, HomeSURF1499 can help keep the entire family productive with up to 130GB valid for 30 days. Your data allowance caps at 100GB daily and your YouTube allowance of 1GB refresh every day.

Best suited for: work from home families


How to Register

Whether you find that HomeWATCH or HomeSURF is best for you, registering to either is as easy as buying load! And with your Coins.ph app, you don’t need to leave the safety and comfort of your home to do just that. Just tap Buy Load in your app, enter your Globe Prepaid WiFi number, tap HOME PREPAID WIFI, and select your promo!

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