Community Spotlight: How a teacher-entrepreneur-supermom does it all

How teacher-entrepreneur-supermom Maureen does it all

Whenever we reach out to people for our community spotlight features, we are always so impressed by the stories they tell us. Everyone we’ve met is so unique, and so passionate. Everyone has their own wisdom to share and it is such an honor for us to be able to share a portion of their lives with the rest of our community. So here is a story about an amazing woman – mother of three, supportive wife, teacher, and businesswoman, Maureen Yere Gabinete.

When we first asked Maureen who she was, she identified herself as a teacher and coordinator, a mom and wife. She also runs an online business. But family, she emphasized, is her first priority.

They are my inspirations. I make sure that if I don’t have work my time is devoted to them. We watch movies together at home, we go to the grocery together. We also eat out–me and the girls–during my vacation.


Teaching business and family values
As a teacher of business subjects at Jean-Baptiste of Reims College in Novaliches, Maureen is certainly adept at running a business herself. She put up Inspiration Fragrances by Beatriz and Erika, a home-based fragrance business. She created it for her eldest daughter Beatriz to learn about entrepreneurship, hard work, and value for money.


Maureen considers her daughters her partners in running this online business. Her youngest daughter Erika helps her make the linen and room spray. It’s a great way to have family bonding time and teach her daughters responsibility and life lessons.

Her fragrance business also helps other women who would like to earn extra money at home. Currently, it’s fellow mommies who resell her products. Soon, she wants to empower them to make the fragrances as well.


Making sure she has time for the family
With such a full and busy life, Maureen doesn’t have time to stress about going to different payment centers to pay bills.

I usually have to pay in different places like at a payment center, Sun Cellular, Globe, and the bank. There was a time when I wasn’t able to pay for our mobile phone and it was cut. More work for me since I still needed to pay and needed to call the operators for re-connection.

It is now easier with an app like I just need to transfer money from my bank account online to and I can pay all the bills, even while travelling. I don’t need to drop by [the payment centers and offices] and fall in line anymore.

As for her businesses, she soon plans on paying the suppliers for her fragrance business with She also tells her fellow mommies about so they too can have more time with their families.


With everything she’s got going on, it’s amazing that Maureen can keep breastfeeding her 11-month old son! We asked this supermom for some advice on making time for the family

I am very open to them about my work and schedule so they will understand why do I need to work.

I don’t bring home work. I do all my duties and responsibilities well on time and ahead of time.

I teach my family team work, responsibility, and not only working hard but also working smart.

Let’s all wish Maureen the best of luck with her businesses, and lots of love and health for her family and her businesses. And let’s join her in celebrating her son Ethan’s 1st birthday today!

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For Ethan’s first birthday, we sent Maureen an e-gift certificate for Krispy Kreme

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