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3 Ways to Cash In to your Coins Wallet via UnionBank

how to cash in unionbank online

Add funds to your Coins Wallet directly via your UnionBank Online account or by depositing cash at any UnionBank branch.

Tip: Before making a cash in via UnionBank Online InstaPay or PESONet, you would need to connect your mobile number to your Coins account. Your Coins account must also be ID and Selfie Verified and the amount you transfer should be within your Coins cash in limits. (Read: How to Change Mobile Number in Coins)


1. UnionBank Online via InstaPay

If you need to add funds to your Coins Wallet for everyday transactions such as buying load or paying bills, you can cash in instantly using your UnionBank Online account. Just choose the InstaPay option on your UnionBank Online account for free.

how to cash in coins wallet unionbank online instapay

2. UnionBank Online via PESONet

If you need to cash in a larger amount to your Coins Wallet, such as for sending remittances, choose the PESONet option on your UnionBank Online account. It’s free and your transactions before 12:30 PM are processed on the same banking day!

how to cash in coins wallet pesonet unionbank online


3. UnionBank Branch

Did you know you can add funds to your Coins Wallet at any UnionBank branch even if you don’t have a UnionBank account? If there’s a branch near you, you can easily follow the steps below to cash in and receive funds in your Coins Wallet within 24 hours!

how to cash in coins wallet unionbank over the counter



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