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How to Pay Globe Postpaid Bill Online

As of 2016, Globe reported that it had more than two million postpaid subscribers in the country! If you’re part of the millions enjoying postpaid mobile and data coverage with Globe, offers a convenient Globe bills payment service, right from your phone.

This presents a couple of advantages. First, there’s no need to wait in line at a Globe store, payment center, or the bank. There’s also no need to make any enrollments or fill up any forms. You also get a ₱5 cashback for every bill payment and extra ₱100 credit for every 5 bills paid in a week! (Read: How much cashback do I get from paying bills?)  

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All it takes is enough money in your wallet and a few taps on your phone to pay your Globe postpaid bill. (Read: How to Cash In Online to your Wallet)


How to Pay Your Globe Bill Online using

Step 1: Open your Wallet app and tap Pay Bills



Step 2: Scroll down and select Globe Telecom under Telecom


Step 3: Enter the exact amount you want to pay then tap Next



Step 4: Enter your Globe Postpaid Account Name and Mobile Number then tap Next



Step 5: Review your payment details and then Slide to Confirm to complete your transaction.



That’s it! You’ve paid your Globe postpaid bill. Once the payment has been processed and settled, you’ll receive an email confirmation along with the reference number. Try paying bills online with!

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