Best Prepaid WiFi in the Philippines (2020) |

Best Prepaid WiFi in the Philippines (2020)


While fiber optic postpaid plans are usually fast and efficient, these are quite expensive for a lot of Filipinos. But in the new normal, Internet access has become a need. That’s why affordable options like Prepaid WiFi are a great solution for those who need to prioritize other essentials in their budget plan.

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If you’re looking for a low-cost Internet plan for you and your family, here’s a quick list of the best prepaid WiFi plans in the Philippines this 2020.


Globe Prepaid WiFi

For only PHP1,999 Globe offers an LTE-powered WiFi modem that gives you Internet speeds up to 2Mbps. You can get this prepaid WiFi modem in all Globe stores nationwide, the Globe online store, Lazada, and Shopee.

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Globe’s prepaid WiFi device can connect up to five devices and comes with free 10GB of data (valid for seven days) and free access to apps like Netflix and iFlix.

To top-up, you can buy Globe prepaid load or prepaid WiFi promos straight from your app.

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PLDT Prepaid WiFi

PLDT competes in the prepaid WiFi game with their modem that also gives you speeds up to 2Mbps for only PHP1,995. You can get their modem in PLDT and Smart stores nationwide, the PLDT online store, Lazada, and Shopee.

This LTE-powered WiFi modem also connects up to five devices and comes with free 10GB of data valid for seven days straight out of the box.

The sim card comes pre-installed so all you have to do is plug and play. You can also buy PLDT prepaid WiFi load through your app.

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Smart Broadband Pocket WiFi

For only PHP1,995, this compact WiFi device can connect up to 10 devices and free 15GB valid for 15 days.

According to their website, their pocket WiFi device offers speeds up to 42Mbps for the original LTE device, and up to 100Mbps for the LTE Advanced device.

You can buy the Smart Broadband Pocket WiFi in all Smart stores in NCR, the Smart online store, Lazada, and select partner retailer outlets and device chains nationwide.

Need to buy load? You can buy regular load or Smart prepaid WiFi load promos through your app.

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