How to Make Paying Bills Simple and Painless Each Month

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Paying bills is no one’s idea of fun. It’s one of the clearest signs you’ve entered adulthood, and you never get to retire from it. But it’s a simple task, and you can get better and better at keeping your bills organized.

Here are 3 easy steps to mastering this Adulting 101 skill.

1. Put them all in one very visible place

Bills arrive both physically and virtually. Ideally, we’d like to get all our bills virtually so we can save paper. To keep your bills organized, put them all in one place.

Try this: make an album in your phone for bills. Screencap the ones that come through email, and photograph the ones that come through snail mail. This way you can keep track of all your bills.

If you prefer to have things physically present, you can write out your bill on a sheet of (scratch) paper and put it together with the rest of your bills. Tack it in front of your desk at home or at work so you don’t let it fall out of sight and out of mind.

2. Keep all your billing information handy

Additionally, write down all your billing information in one document. Write out the biller, account number, name, address, and other particulars. Keep a virtual copy of it on your phone so that you always have it with you. With this, you can just copy and paste the information if you pay online.

But if you pay your bills online through, we can practically eliminate this step for you!

In our Android and iOS apps, you can save your bills as favorites. That way you don’t need to write your account number each time. You can even set a monthly payment reminder, and we’ll alert you when your bill is due.

3. Settle them at the same time

The easiest thing to do would be to pay your Meralco bill along with your credit card bill at the same time each month, like after your mid-month paycheck. But we don’t always have the dough to shell out a huge sum for all our bills in one go, especially if you’re a freelancer.

What you can do is pay a bill at the same time each week, like on Friday nights before you go out for your weekend fun. This establishes a healthy habit, and lets you enjoy yourself without any debt.

Set an alarm for when you need to pay your bills. Better yet, use to pay your bill for you!

In just a few clicks, you can send a payment when you have the money for it, without having to walk to the bank or a payment center each time.

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