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Unlock the Mobile Legends Mythical Gold Chest


The Mythical Gold Chest is back! Get a chance to win exclusive Razer gear, bonus ML diamonds, rare skins, and bonus Razer Gold and Silver when you recharge Diamonds with Razer Gold. (Read: How to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds)

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From May 19 to June 16, 2020, you can unlock a Mythical Gold Chest for every ₱1,000 Diamonds recharged. Score the following items:

  1. Wan Wan – Darting Star
  2. Freya – Beach Sweetheart
  3. Kagura – Soryu Maiden
  4. Hanabi – VENOM
  5. Chang’ e – Crimson Moon
  6. Bonus 260 Diamonds
  7. Bonus 200 Diamonds
  8. Bonus 35 Diamonds
  9. Bonus 15 Diamonds
  10. Razer Krake
  11. Razer Rogue 13.3″ Backpack v2
  12. US$ 20 Bonus Razer Gold Voucher
  13. US$ 10 Bonus Razer Gold Voucher
  14. US$ 5 Bonus Razer Gold Voucher
  15. US$ 1 Bonus Razer Gold Voucher
  16. 100 Bonus Razer Silver Voucher

How to Buy Razer Gold

You can buy Razer Gold instantly using your Coins.ph Wallet! It’s a fast and easy way to reload your Razer Gold account even without a credit card or PayPal. (Read: How to Reload Razer Gold with Coins.ph)

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