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Mobile Legends Beginner Guide: Characters, Ranks, and Mechanics

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If you haven’t tried playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, also known as MOBA or ML, then you might want to start right here to know the basics. Here’s a beginner’s guide to Mobile Legends.


What is Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle game. The goal of the game is to reach the enemy’s base and destroy it while defending your own base. 

You and 4 other team members that are randomly selected from players across the globe will fight against another team of 5. You and your team need to defend your base for path control, fighting both AI and opponent enemies, and destroying turrets until you destroy the enemy base.


Mobile Legends Heroes

If you’re the type who likes variety, Mobile Legends has a long list of heroes separated by type or role. Some heroes are even mixed types/roles. 

Check the Hero screen for specs and details to understand what your selected hero can do. Here are some of the basic Hero types you’ll find:

1. Tank

These heroes have higher Hit Points (HP) and are best for defense. Their main purpose is to absorb damage from the frontlines. If your hero is more fragile, it would be a good idea to get behind your team’s Tank as they are a little tougher to kill.

2. Fighter

These heroes are built more for speed and close-combat. They have several tools in their arsenal to quickly close distance. While not as durable Tanks, they can still take a hit and can help shell out major damage to enemy lines. It’s generally not the best idea to let enemy Fighter types get close to you.

 3. Assassin

While Fighters are good for close combat, Assassins focus on battle positioning to deliver tactical and lethal strikes to their enemies. Take note that they generally have lower HP compared to Fighters to it’s best for more experienced gamers to use them.

 4. Mage

These types are ranged heavy hitters causing damage plus effects to nearby enemies with their magic. They are, however, a little low on defense and durability if you’re using this type, be careful with trudging through lanes on your own.

 5. Marksman

Like Mages, Marksmen are distance hitters but use physical damage instead of magical. Compared to Mages, the Marksman is a bit faster on the attack so they’re perfect for quickly destroying turrets. Just like Mages, they’re also a little low on durability so it’s best to pair them up with the more durable types as well.

 6. Support

As the name implies, these hero types aid and protect their less durable teammates like the Mage and Marksman. While the title suggests a less glamorous and more unassuming role, don’t let your guard down around these types or they’ll slay you before you know it.

 Tip: Give your hero the best chances for victory by hooking them up with the best items. Check out our Mobile Legends Items Guide for more information.


Ranked Games

When you have 5 or more heroes and your account is at least Level 8, you can start to play in ranked games. Ranked games are match-ups with teammates and opponents of similar strength. You can either go on a Solo game or invite your friends to play in a double or 5-player match-up — that is if they’re only one division Higher or Lower than you.

 There are 7 divisions in this type of play. From the lowest to the highest tier, these are:

  • Warrior
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Grand Master
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Mythic

Each victory in a ranked play gets you one star while each defeat loses you one star. Full stars results in division promotion and no stars will result in demotion except for Warrior.

Being part of the Mythic rank unlocks exclusive avatar borders. If you’re one of the top 50 players in Mythic rank, you also get the Glorious Mythic title.

At the end of each season, your starting division will be based on the final division calculated from your previous season and rewards will be given based on your highest division achieved.


Basic Mechanics – Map & Strategy


There are three separate lanes you can travel to get to your enemy turrets and base: Top (typically suited for Fighters), Middle (typically suited for Assassins), and Bottom (typically suited for Mages or Tanks). The type of lane you go through will also determine what type of enemy players you’ll encounter. The best strategy is to play to your strengths based on your character. 

Remember that this is a team effort so don’t charge into random lanes on your own and fire randomly. Have at least two heroes in your lane so you and your minions can clear out enemy minions within the first one or two rounds. If your minions survive the round, stand with them in the enemy turret ring for attack. 

Once you and your lane mate destroys the first turret, move on to the next set of enemies and turrets until all are destroyed. When you get attacked by enemy heroes, switch your focus from the minions to them as enemy heroes tend to give more damage.



Jungles are in between the three lanes. These areas weave their way into the map so you can cut through to lanes without having to go back and around map areas.

 Jungles have monsters scattered in those areas and give you a faster way of gaining gold and exp for your hero. You can spend the waiting period for enemy minions to kill one of the jungle monsters. Just take note that more powerful monsters are spawned as the match goes on. They do, however, give you better and more powerful bonuses. If you’re lucky, you may even get a bonus specific for your hero’s health, damage, and even defense.

 Take note that specific characters are better suited for jungle areas than others and even have gear builds specific for jungling so be sure that your character is well-suited for the area before charging in for the monster kill.


Teamwork and strategy

Remember that MOBA is a team game so charging in on your own isn’t the best strategy to win. Enemy heroes could be team up so going solo may completely wipe you out before the game even starts.

Be sure to talk to your teammates so you can group up by character to move through a specific lane. (see: section on Heroes and Lanes) You’ll even find some players that run all three lanes to support any teammates who need help with enemy heroes.

Remember that teamwork is key in defeating enemies and keeping up your defenses.


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Buy diamonds to boost your stats and level up faster with new skins, heroes, and emblems. Take note that you can’t earn this in-game currency, so if you want to level up fast, you need to Mobile Legends Diamonds. Here’s our guide on How to Buy Diamonds in Mobile Legends.

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