November Money Challenge: Save Over P4,000 in 30 Days |

November Money Challenge: Save Over P4,000 in 30 Days

Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re not careful, the season of parties, gift giving, and shopping can wreak havoc on your budget.

Having cash to spare during the most extravagant time of the year will help you cover those inevitable holiday expenses while keeping your bonuses and 13th month pay intact.

Thankfully, you still have a month to go before December, which means you have enough time to complete our November money saving challenge.

How to Do the November Money Challenge

Our November money challenge starts small at P10. You then add P10 more every day to your deposit until you get a total savings of P4,650 at the end of 30 days.

Because the whole challenge can be completed in 30 days, it only requires a short-term time commitment. You can finish it this November, take a break afterward, and restart anytime you like!

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of how much you need to save every day to accumulate an extra P4,650 per month.

DaySavingsRunning TotalDaySavingsRunning Total

Just by saving increments of P10 every day this month, you’ll be able to save P4,000 for your Christmas expenses!

5 Tips to Conquer the November Money Challenge:

1. Save all your extra coins

Instead of lugging around all those loose changes in your coin purse, why not drop them in your piggy bank and add them to your money challenge savings? Who knows, your P5 and P10 coins might just be what you need to reach your daily goal.

2. Use to pay bills and buy load

Saving money by paying bills online or buying load is actually possible when you use to do it!

With, you get a P5 rebate for every unique bill that you pay. If you pay five bills in a week, you even receive an extra P100 in your wallet!

You also get to enjoy a 10% rebate every time you use your wallet to buy prepaid load for all networks.

Create a account and get the November money challenge started!

3. Save your smaller bills

Take it a step further and get rid of those P20 or P50 bills at the end of the day and add them to your savings. You don’t even have to touch your hundred-peso bills!

4. Create a no spending day per week

If you spend roughly P500 a day, just imagine how much you’ll be able to save if you decide not to spend a single peso for one day every week. That’s a total of four no-spending days – instant P2,000 in savings!

It’s perfect for weekends when you’re just chilling at home. Mark it on your calendar so you won’t forget it. But make sure that you’re not cheating with online shopping and credit cards!

5. Postpone a large purchase until next month

Are you planning to buy a new phone when you get your 13th month pay? Unless you badly need a new one, you better wait it out until next month.

Delaying gratification can lead to two things: First, prices will probably drop as the Christmas sales commence, so you’ll get your new phone at a better deal. Second, you’ll realize that you don’t need it, dodging a huge purchase altogether.

All these small savings can count towards your money challenge and help you reach the goal of saving over P4,000 this November.

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