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iFlix vs Netflix: Which Streaming Service Should You Get?

iflix vs netflix

Netflix has been growing steadily in popularity and monthly subscribers in the Philippines, but its competitor iFlix is also catching up. While subscribing to both services is the easiest way to get the best of both services, not everyone is fortunate enough to afford both.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose between iFlix VS Netflix in the battle of the streaming services:


1. Free Trial Policy

Both services offer 30-day free unlimited access to their entire catalog. However, their free trial policies do differ.

With Netflix, you need to enter your credit or debit card details before you can access its collection of shows and movies. You’re free to cancel at any time within the 30 days and you won’t be charged within that period. However, if you forget to cancel after the trial ends, Netflix will automatically charge your credit or debit card and continue your chosen subscription.

iFlix, on the other hand, gives you the 30-day free trial even without your credit or debit card details. When your free trial ends, you can still watch their films and series for free, but ads will pop up before the beginning of every video and each time you skip.


2. Pricing

In terms of pricing, iFlix remains to be a more cost-effective option than Netflix. Its monthly subscription is only ₱129 per account with further discounted monthly rates for Smart, SUN, and PLDT Home DSL subscribers priced at ₱99 monthly.

Netflix plans cost three times as much for its Premium service at ₱550 per account. Of course, you can opt for the lower tier plans at ₱460 for the Standard plan and ₱370 for the Basic plan.


3. Content Comparison

Both services offer local and international shows and movies in a wide range of genres on their platforms. Whichever the better option will be dependent on what you like.

Netflix offers a wider selection of American shows and movies. From popular shows from networks like the CW (e.g The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl) and CBS (e.g. How I Met Your Mother) to Netflix originals like “Stranger Things” and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Its Asian and Filipino selection may be limited but is steadily growing in number as its Asian and Southeast Asian subscribers grow.

iFlix offers the opposite. Its Western selection is on the small side with a focus on high rating series like the “Big Bang Theory” and “Mr. Robot”. Its Asian selection, on the other hand, is massive. With a broad selection of Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Singaporean, and Chinese films, lovers of Asian dramas and local films would definitely prefer iFlix.


4. Device Compatibility

Smartphones and tabletsiOS, Android, Windows PhoneiOS, Android
ComputersDesktops and laptopsDesktops and laptops
Game ConsolePS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox OneNONE
Smart TVHisense, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, ToshibaLG, Samsung
TV with blu-ray or other home theater systemLG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony
TV with HDMI or digital media playerApple TV, Google ChromecastAndroid TV, Chromecast


Number of Devices allowed for Simultaneous Streaming

Basic Plan1 devicePaid Plan2 devices
Standard Plan2 devices
Premium Plan3 devices

5. Overall Experience

Netflix: The Netflix experience starts with its streaming with the basic plan showing in SD, the standard plan showing in HD, and the premium plan showing up to UHD for your 4K TV and home theater system. Of course, this is provided that you have a reliable high-speed internet connection with.

While its streaming quality is quite good, the highlight of the Netflix experience is the intuitive engine that personalizes your viewing experience based on shows you’ve watched in the past. And this is per user, not per account. So if you have a family account, your mom’s cooking shows won’t pop up in your recommendations.

iFlix: iFlix also streams in both SD and HD quality for both free trials and paid versions. However, it doesn’t support UHD content, and a lot of its titles may not be in HD. Just like Netflix, iFlix adjusts your streaming resolution depending on the speed of your internet. If your speeds are down or fluctuating, you may need to bear with a slightly pixelated show.

iFlix does offer some form of personalization in its platform but this deals with you manually selecting genres and creating playlists on the platform rather than an intuitive recommendation based on the previous viewing.


6. Payment

The most popular ways to pay for either service are through Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. If you prefer not to use your debit or credit cards for payments, Netflix and iFlix allows you to have your subscription charged to your postpaid bill.

Tip: Get access to thousands of shows and movies on iFlix with your Wallet! Just open your Wallet, tap Entertainment, select iFlix, then choose your plan.


iFlix VS Netflix: Which one should you get?

Get Netflix if:

  • You prefer streaming in Ultra HD
  • You want to share your Netflix account with 4 other besties or your family
  • Prefer Western shows and films
  • Want to watch Netflix originals
  • Have the capacity to pay for premium service

Get iFlix if:

  • Typically watch from smaller devices therefore don’t need Ultra HD
  • Will be using your account alone or will share with a partner
  • Prefer Asian shows and films
  • Have a smaller budget for entertainment


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