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OFW Guide: 4 Ways to Take Care of Your Family in the Philippines

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Being away from family is never easy. It’s even more difficult for our kababayans abroad who are not able to fly back to the Philippines due to the threat of COVID-19 and travel bans. Dealing with the stress and anxiety brought by the pandemic is already hard enough, what more if you’re worried about your family’s situation back home. But remember that you can still take care of your family even if you’re away.

Here are a few ways to help your family even when you’re abroad:


1. Send money online

You can send money to your family to cover their basic needs and possible emergencies. Your loved ones can instantly claim your Western Union remittances at home by simply entering the MTCN on their Coins Wallet. (Read: How to send money via Western Union Online)


2. Pay household bills

While many companies offer deferred payments and extended deadlines, it doesn’t hurt to pay your family’s bills on time if you have the means. Using your Coins.ph Wallet, you can pay for all your family’s bills – electricity, water, broadband, cable, telecom, and more. (LIST: Bills you can pay with Coins.ph)


3. Grocery Padala

Another way to ensure your family has enough for basic necessities is by sending them grocery vouchers, bigas padala, or fresh produce via BeamAndGo. As a special promotion, you can get a 5% cashback when you use your Coins.ph Wallet to pay. Learn more


4. Stay Connected

The best way to comfort your loved ones (and yourself) during these trying times is by staying connected. Call them for free using Free Bee or use online platforms such as Skype, Facebook, Facetime, and more to see how they are doing.

Tip: Buy load and Free Bee credits for yourself or send load to your loved ones wherever you are in the world. (Read: How to Buy International Load)

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