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OFW Guide: Passport Renewal for OFWs

ofw passport renewal

While the Philippine passport’s validity extension from five to ten years has helped in lessening the crowd of passport applicants in the DFA and satellite offices, renewing your passport can still be a hassle, especially if you’re an OFW.

 To make things easier for OFWs, the DFA has updated their procedures for both OFWs who are in the Philippines and those who are currently living and working overseas:


Passport Renewal OFWs currently in the Philippines

Before, OFWs had to schedule an appointment online via the DFA website just like everyone else. This made securing a passport a little tricky considering that the volume of applicants even for renewal can push your appointment schedule to weeks or even months from the time of scheduling. 

Today, OFWs no longer need to schedule an appointment to renew their passports. Simply walk in to the DFA NCR Central (Robinsons Galleria) and go straight to the dedicated OFW Passport Renewal Center. Processing hours are between 8AM and 12NN and they state that it’s inadvisable and unnecessary for you queue before 6AM.

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For Land-based OFWs and Seafarers, you are required to renew passports within 12 months of arrival in the Philippines. Here are the requirements you need to prepare beforehand:


Land-based OFW

  • Philippine Passport
  • Proof of Overseas Employment
  • Two (2) Valid Philippine Government Issued IDs

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  •     Philippine Passport
  •     Valid Seaman’s Book
  •     SRC ID
  •     Two (2) Valid Philippine Government Issued IDs

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For OFWs currently abroad

If you’re currently overseas and your Philippine Passport is about to expire, you don’t need to leave your work abroad and come back home just to renew your passport. 

As an OFW living or working abroad, you can go to your host country’s Philippine Embassy or Consulate General (with consular jurisdiction of your current state/region of residence) to process this. It may seem like a hassle, but it’s a lot cheaper and less stressful than needing to take a leave of absence, fly back to the Philippines, and deal with the queues back home. 

Just take note that you may need to set an appointment with your consular or embassy beforehand.

 After setting a passport renewal appointment, be sure to bring the originals and photocopies of:

 **Bring cash for processing fees


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