Pay 1 Bill, Get ₱100 Cashback - April Bill Promo |

Get ₱100 cashback on your first bill payment

Get P100 cashback on your 1st ever bill payment

(Guide: How to Pay Bills with

Get ₱100 cashback on your 1st ever bill payment. Just pay a bill worth at least ₱100 with your ID and Selfie verified wallet. (Read: How to Get ID and Selfie Verified)

Pay over 80 bills from your phone – hindi mo na kailangan umalis ng bahay! Convenient na, nakakatipid ka pa

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Offer is valid from April 16 – 30, 2019
  2. Your account must be ID and Selfie verified before paying your bill
  3. You get a 100 cashback on your first ever bill payment (Read: What Bills Can I Pay with
  4. Bill payment amount should be at least ₱100
  5. Promo is valid only for a bill that has not been previously paid for using
  6. You may avail of the promo only once
  7. Cashback will be credited to your Peso wallet after the bill payment has been successfully processed
  8. Cashback will be applied to the first bill that is processed in case of multiple bill payments during the promo period
  9. Bill payments will be processed within 3 business days
  10. Bill payments must be made at least 3 business days before their due date
  11. Maximum of one account per individual.
  12. Bill payments that cannot be processed will have the payment amount refunded to your Peso wallet

*A bill is considered unique if the billing account number has not been previously paid for using in the current calendar month

Per DTI – FTEB Permit No. 7185 Series of 2019

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