Reload PUBG UC, Get a Razer Parachute or Crate Coupon |

Reload PUBG UC, Get a Razer Parachute or Crate Coupon

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Flaunt that exclusive Razer skin and explore the battlegrounds like never before with the Razer Parachute! From November 21 to December 5, 2019, recharge your PUBG Mobile UC with Razer Gold to score these special in-game items:

 Special In-Game Item Price in PHP to recharge UC Checkout with:
 Crate Coupon x 1 PHP 499 Razer Gold Wallet
 Crate Coupon x 3 PHP 1,250 Razer Gold Wallet
 Razer parachute x 1 PHP 2,490 Razer Gold Wallet
 Crate Coupon x 1 PHP 500 Razer Gold PIN
 Crate Coupon x 3 PHP 1,000 Razer Gold PIN
 Razer Parachute x 1 PHP 2,000 Razer Gold PIN

Best part? You can buy Razer Gold with your Wallet!
Quick Reminders:

  • The bonus special items will be awarded in your game inbox upon recharging any of the UC amount above with Razer Gold. (Read: How to Recharge PUBG Mobile UC with Razer Gold)
  • All channels can only participate once for the same price tier to score a bonus gift (Razer Parachute/ Crate Coupon).
  • Each price tier can only be purchased once. However, if the user has gained more than 2 Razer Parachutes from purchasing through different tiers, the extra item can be dismantled into fragments.

You also earn Razer Silver for every Razer Gold spent. This gives you access to exclusive Razer Gear and digital rewards. Learn more here


Buy Razer Gold with your Wallet

No credit card? No problem. Buy Razer Gold with your Wallet at 1:1 pricing! (Read: How to Reload Razer Gold with


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