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Viu Premium: Is Viu Premium Worth It?


If you love Asian dramas, then you’ve probably considered getting a Viu premium subscription. But is it worth it? Here’s all you need to know:


What is Viu?

Viu is a video streaming platform that has award-winning films, tearful dramas, scream-worthy horror, and other premium Asian content. Operated by Hong Kong firm PCCW Media, Viu launched in October 2015 locally, and then expanded to Malaysia, India, and Indonesia soon after. With its popularity, they launched Viu Philippines a year later.


What kind of content can I find in Viu?

Viu gives you an extensive line-up of TV shows, films, lifestyle content, music content, and variety shows in various genres for different age groups. One of its major selling points is it has access to over 80% of the content from Korean cable TV firm JTBC (as well as access to other major Korean broadcasters). Viu also has Japanese, Thai, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Chinese (Mainland), Indonesian, and even Pinoy content.


Free Viu: For the Budget-Conscious

Viu has both a Free version and a Premium service, depending on your needs. Free Viu is great if you want access to content without having to pay, however, it does come with limitations:

  • Content: While Viu has tons of Asian content, the free version gives you access to dramas and variety shows only.
  • Ads: You would be subjected to 2 pre-roll and 2 mid-roll video ads per episode.
  • Downloads: Of course, you can download the video to skip the ads, but the free version only allows one download at a time for offline viewing.
  • Device Compatibility & Resolution: Free Viu also limits viewing to an SD resolution of 480p, so you may want to stick to smaller devices when watching.
  • Accessibility: You also will have access to the latest shows 72 hours after the original airing.


Should I Get Viu Premium?

With Viu Premium, you unlock full access to all of their features:

  • Content: Stream all of the available content on their platform such as dramas, variety shows, movies, lifestyle content, docu-series, kids entertainment, and more.
  • Ads: Like most paid services, you can stream videos without any ads.
  • Downloads: You have unlimited downloads so you can watch your favorite shows even without an Internet connection.
  • Device Compatibility & Resolution: Viu Premium comes with 1080p resolution with seamless mobile to TV experience through Google Chromecast and selected models of Samsung, LG, Apple, and Sony Android smart TVs.
  • Accessibility: If you want to stay on top of the latest Asian dramas, the premium version streams updated episodes as fast as 8 hours after the original telecast. Viu Premium also allows simultaneous streaming of up to 3 mobile devices and 1 PC at a time so you can split an account with family or friends.


How to Upgrade to Viu Premium

If it’s your first time availing of Viu’s premium service, you can test it out for a minimal fee with their Viu Premium Budget Package (the “Plan”).

Just download Viu at Google Play or the App Store, subscribe through the app, and you can get premium service for only PHP25 per month for 3 months. You can cancel anytime within The Plan period with no penalties.

If you don’t cancel within that period, you will be charged the regular Viu premium monthly fee of PHP99 in the subsequent months. For all that content, it’s still a good deal.

For more information on their terms and conditions, check out


How to Pay for Viu Premium

If you want access to the best and latest flicks, films, and more, then you need to get access to Viu Premium. You can buy Viu Premium codes online using your Wallet while staying safe at home. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open your app then tap All.

Not enough funds in your Wallet to subscribe to Viu Premium? Cash in instantly through online banking or e-wallet apps (Read: Online Cash In Options). Or go to any 7-Eleven, Palawan Pawnshop, Western Union location nationwide. See all cash in options


Step 2: Tap Entertainment.


Step 3: Choose Viu.



Step 4: Select VIU 99.



Step 5: Enter the mobile number where you want the code to be sent.

Tip: Click Send to Myself to instantly input the mobile number connected to your account.



Step 6: Review your transaction then Slide to Pay!



That’s it! Once the transaction is processed and settled, you will receive an SMS with the code. Redeem the code on the Viu website to get access to Viu Premium.

Questions or feedback? Email us at or tap Send us a message in your app. Our operating hours are from Monday – Friday, 9AM – 6PM is regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department: (02) 708-7087 or

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