8 Ways to Lower Your Maynilad or Manila Water Bill This Summer

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As the days grow hotter, it may get tempting to bathe three times a day. But if water rates in Manila will rise this year, you may want to reconsider those long showers.

According to this report, water prices will increase during the first quarter of 2018 by as much as Php 20.78 per month, if your household consumes 30 cubic meters of water. To keep your bills low, follow these tips to save water this summer.

Repair all leaks

You may think that you’re saving money on materials and labor for those leaks, but they will cost you more in the long run if you don’t have all toilets, pipes, hoses, and leaky faucets plugged up.

Turn off the shower as you shampoo, scrub, and soap up

If you have a water heater, you probably keep the shower on as you soap up. This happens when the water takes time to heat up. But with the heat wave coming in, you probably won’t take a hot shower anyway.

So turn off the shower when you shampoo, scrub, and soap. This way, you can take your time in scrubbing and lathering without raising your water bill.

Turn off the tap when washing your face, shaving, and brushing your teeth

As you don’t need to be in contact with the water as you brush, shave, or massage product onto your face, turn the tap off until you need to clean any products off your skin.

Put a bottle in your toilet cistern

People need to go on number 1 and number 2 multiple times a day. Not flushing is not an as you want to avoid having pungent odors lingering in your bathroom.

One water-saving hack from the Water Eco Technologies & Treatment is by filling up a plastic bottle (with sand, pebbles or water), and placing it inside your cistern. You get to recycle those old soda bottles while cutting the amount of water required for a full flush by (almost) half.

Reuse water when you can

The most obvious way of reusing water is to water plants. You have to remember that only applies if there are no harmful bleaches, boron, and other chemicals in the water. In this case, the best is water used to wash vegetables and fruits as they don’t contain harsh chemicals.

Got extra soapy dishwater or laundry water?  Reuse them for flushing the toilet instead. Just be sure to throw it directly on the bowl instead of the cistern.

Use only one drinking glass throughout the day

It may seem strange to actively try to stick to one glass or drinking bottle for the day, but it does make a difference. It cuts down on water need to wash multiple glasses, and on the effort needed to do so.

Use a watering can for houseplants

A sprinkler system or hose uses up more water than a watering can or pail and dipper. It also helps you control how much water to give each plant or each section. Remember that not all plants require soaking to stay healthy.

Use a pail, dipper, and rag for washing your car

Same as with watering plants, using a running hose and sponge to wash your car takes more water than filling up a pail and using a dipper and rag to clean it.

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