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What to Expect when the COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives in the Philippines?

What to expect when the COVID-19 vaccine arrives in the Philippines?

The first round of COVID-19 vaccines are finally here making us one step closer to stopping the pandemic. 

For most of us, there is still a bit of confusion about the vaccines. To help clear some of the questions, here is our guide to the available COVID-19 vaccines PH and what to expect during the rollout.

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What is a vaccine?

First we have to clarify that a vaccine is not a cure. Vaccines work by teaching your body how to fight off the virus or bacteria tagged in the vaccine. This is done through a controlled mimic of the virus or bacteria, which triggers the creation of antibodies. We do this so your body learns how to fight off the virus while avoiding a potentially harmful over response of symptoms. So if you do encounter the virus or bacteria again, you will experience mild symptoms rather than detrimental ones.

Today, the COVID-19 vaccines available differ in composition on how they stimulate an immune response in our bodies. They can be in the form of a genetically purified fragment or a dead version of the whole virus.


Types of COVID-19 vaccines

A snapshot of the available vaccines:

CompanyOriginTypeDosesEfficacy RateStorageWith Fetal Cell Lining
Oxford Uni-
Great BritainViral vector
(genetically modified virus)
x262-90%Regular fridge temperatureYES
(part of virus genetic code)
x295%-20°C up to 6 monthsNO
Gamaleya (Sputnix V)RussiaViral vectorx292%Regular fridge temperatureYES
SinovacChinaAttenuated Virusx250-91%2°C to 8°CNO
SinopharmChinaAttenuated Virusx278%2°C to 8°CNO

Note: These vaccines require two doses each which are to be administered anywhere between 2 weeks and 4 weeks apart.


Side-effects and allergic reactions

The known side-effects are injection site pain, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, and joint pain. If or when this happens to you after you receive the vaccine, keep in mind that this is your immune system kicking into gear.

Should you experience any other severe side-effect or allergic reaction, it is best to ask for medical professional advice to prevent any further complications.


Will things go back to normal after the rollout??

No. Remember that herd immunity only happens when we have vaccinated at least 70% of the population. Only then will we be able to control the infectivity of the virus. This means that even after the first rollout, it will still be safer to stay at home for the most part, and keep up with mask, shield, and social distancing regulations when you are out.

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