Best Broadband: Which Broadband Plan is the Best Value for Money?

Which Broadband Plan is the Best Value for Money?

Wondering which broadband plan is for you? Check out the following plans within the P1,500 to P1,699 price range and choose one that works best for your needs:

TelcoBroadband PlanPriceData CapSpeed
Converge ICTFiber X 1500P1,500Unlimited25 Mbps
Globe BroadbandBroadband Plan 1699 (Go Unli)P1,699Unlimited5 Mbps
Globe BroadbandBroadband Plan 1599 (Go Big)P1,599500 GB10 Mbps
PLDT Home UlteraPlan 1699P1,808 for the first 36 months;
P1,699 afterwards
100 GB15 Mbps
Sky BroadbandOne Sky Premium Plan 1599P1,599Unlimited8 Mbps

Fiber X 1500 by Converge ICT

For only P1,500 a month, you can subscribe to Converge ICT’s Fiber X 1500, which offers unlimited data and has a burst speed of 25 Mbps. Talk about value for money.

Aside from your monthly payment, you only have to pay a one-time installation fee of P2,500. The wi-fi modem comes for free.

However, it has a lock-in period of 24 months. It’s also available only in selected locations, although it continues to expand its network.

Broadband Plan 1699 Go Unli by Globe Broadband

Get up to 5 Mpbs of internet speed plus no data cap with Globe Broadband’s Plan 1699.

The Go Unli plan comes with several freebies, such as a four-port wi-fi router and landline to Globe and Globe to Globe calls. You also get limited time access to entertainment apps, like Netflix, HOOQ, and Disney Channel apps.

Broadband Plan 1599 Go Big by Globe Broadband

If you’d rather faster internet than unlimited data, then you should go for the more economical Broadband Plan 1599.

Globe’s Go Big plan has a whopping internet speed of 10 Mbps for a monthly data cap of 500 GB.

Like the Go Unli plan, Go Big also comes with a free wi-fi router, free landline to Globe and Globe to Globe calls, and limited time access to selected entertainment apps.

Plan 1699 by PLDT Home Ultera

With PLDT Home Ultera’s Plan 1699, you get 100 GB of monthly data with a burst speed of 15 Mbps.

Unlike other broadband plans, you don’t need initial cash out to install Plan 1699. To make things easier on the pocket, the modem and installation fee will be added to your monthly plan for 36 months.

With an additional P109 per month for the installation fee, expect to pay P1,808 every month for the first 36 months. Afterward, you only need to pay P1,699 per month.

If 100 GB is not enough for you, you have the to get a volume booster package. An extra 1 GB costs P49, 4 GB costs P149, and 10 GB costs P249.

One Sky Premium Plan 1599 by Sky Broadband

Enjoy up to 8 Mbps of internet speed with Sky Broadband’s Plan 1599.

Aside from unlimited data, Plan 1599 also comes with a cable TV bundle and free Sky On Demand – Sky’s online streaming service – for Metro Manila subscribers. Add-ons include mobile internet for just P249 a month and HBO Go for P150 a month.

Just be ready to shell out an installation fee ranging from P3,398 to P3,598, depending on your area.

Tip: use your app to pay your bills online, so you don’t have to deal with crowded payment centers. You also get a P5 rebate for every unique broadband bill that you pay through

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