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Which Smart Internet Promo is the Most Sulit?

Last week, we compared Globe internet promos to find which one gives you the best bang for your buck. This week, we take a look at which Smart internet promo is best suited to your lifestyle.

Can you guess which one is the most sulit?

Smart Internet Promos

PromoAll Out Surf 30All Out Surf 50All Out Surf 99GigaSurf 50
MB300 mb600 mb1 GB1 GB
Validity2 days3 days7 days3 days
Best ForQuick internet accessModerate surfing and social media useLight daily internet useHeavy internet use

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All Out Surf 30

The cheapest of the Smart prepaid data options, this promo is perfect for when you need internet in a pinch – like if you’ll be in traveling locally, or if you’ll be away from a dependable wifi source.

The unlimited Facebook and texts, and 30 minutes talk time are definitely a plus, and 150mb is just about enough for messaging apps, email and maps, and your Coins.ph wallet. But if you use apps that consume a lot of data, like video or gaming apps, this is not the plan for you.

All Out Surf 50

With All Out Surf 50, you get an additional 200mb to consume over an extra day. If you do the math, you actually get more mb to use per day, BUT you’re paying more per day too.

However, if you do need to access more data in a shorter period of time, this plan will work really well for you. It’s the perfect plan for a weekend trip: you can share all your photos on Facebook, and call or text your family that you’re having a great time.

All Out Surf 99

Per day, this comes out as the cheapest Smart data promo. 1 GB may seem like a lot, but spread over 7 days, it’s actually less than you think. You’ll have to budget your online time wisely.

This plan is great for light internet use. So if you regularly have a wifi connection and you just use your data while on the go, this plan gives you the most out of your peso per day.

Giga Surf 50

1 GB of data for P50, plus 300mb for videos, AND unlitext, that’s awesome! This plan could use longer validity, but if you’re a heavy data user, 3 days is really just right for 1gb.

If all your friends are on Instagram anyway, and you like to browse photos and videos a lot, this plan is the one for you.

The Winners: Giga Surf 50 and All Out Surf 99

Giga Surf 50 is perfect if you consume data heavily and quickly and use your phone as your primary source of internet. All Out Surf 99 is better if you already have wifi in the office or at home, and you just use your phone for light surfing.

Both plans give you the best value for megabyte, so it really depends on how much and how often you use your data.

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