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Digital Payments Made Simple makes accepting digital payments easy. Receive payments instantly with almost no fees. Even better, customers don’t need a credit card or bank account to pay you.

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Enhance your customer payment experience with our solutions

Accept Payments

Instant Settlement

Receive payments in your account instantly and cash out from over 33,000+ locations nationwide

Accept Payments

Zero-to-Low Fees

Transaction fees range from 0.5% – 2%. No maintenance charges, no minimum balance required.

Accept Payments


We operate with a high level of security and use industry standard measures like SSL connections to AES-256 Encryption

Accept Payments

Fast Setup

Our solutions are built for easy integration. You can test and use our mobile-friendly APIs right away.

Accept Payments

Payment Gateway

  • Accept payments from all customers, even if they don’t have a account
  • Receive payments in real time
  • Easy API integration
  • No fees for the first quarter

Payment Requests

  • Get paid the exact amount with payment requests
  • Send payment requests via email or SMS
  • Use the app to send payment requests on the go
  • Use our business tools to send batch payment requests to your customers or suppliers

Accept Payments
Accept Payments

Scan & Pay

  • Customers scan your QR code and pay with their wallet
  • Receive payments instantly in store or online
  • Free for your first 1 million pesos
  • No contracts, no commitments

Become a Biller

  • Get paid instantly by repeat customers
  • Great for subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Over 80 billers receive payments from customers

Accept Payments

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Accept Payments
Accept Payments

Create a account – it’s free!

Accept Payments
Accept Payments

Get ID & Selfie verified and Address verified on the Limits and Verifications page

Accept Payments
Accept Payments

Get Business verified by providing information about your company

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