Coins TradeDesk, a personalized, secure and seamless over-the-counter trading experience
Coins TradeDesk, a personalized, secure and seamless over-the-counter trading experience

Coins TradeDesk, a personalized, secure and seamless over-the-counter trading experience

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A Personalized Trading Experience

The Coins TradeDesk Team provides you with access to different crypto markets, ensuring you make the most out of your crypto journey

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Why Coins TradeDesk?

We make your crypto journey secure, fast, and seamless.


It’s Easy & Seamless

Sign up and trade Virtual Assets directly with your account manager in minutes, without the hassle of validation calls.


No Slippage, Fast Settlement

Trade crypto without the worry of market fluctuations. Enjoy competitive pricing across the tokens that we offer.


It’s Safe & Secure is the most established crypto brand in The Philippines and has gained the trust of more than 16 million users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coins TradeDesk?

Coins TradeDesk is a service provided by for users to trade cryptocurrencies.

How do I be eligible for Coins TradeDesk?

Coins TradeDesk is available for users with a L4 KYC. You may refer to this link for more information.

How do I register with Coins TradeDesk?

Interested users may apply to use the Coins TradeDesk by providing the required information in the form below.

How do I place a trade on Coins TradeDesk?

Once you have successfully registered to use the Coins TradeDesk, an official channel will be made with you and the Coins TradeDesk team. You can initiate a trade through this official channel, indicating the quantity, type of currency and transaction type (buy or sell). Note that your account must be pre-funded with the transaction amount in fiat currency or cryptocurrency prior to the trade.

What is the fees for Coins TradeDesk?

There are NO fees on Coins DeskTrade. The quote given to you by the Coins TradeDesk team is the final amount that will be settled to your account.

What are the supported pairs on Coins TradeDesk?

The supported pairs are BTC/PHP, ETH/PHP, XRP/PHP, USDT/PHP and USDC/PHP with support for more pairs to come.

Can I cancel a trade?

Once a quote or rate has been accepted by the user, the trade becomes final and binding to the user. reserves the right to refresh, cancel and/or terminate a Trade request before its execution is confirmed.

How do I settle a trade?

Coins TradeDesk team will withdraw the transaction amount from your registered account once the trade has been confirmed.

Can Coins TradeDesk settle directly to my bank account/external crypto wallet address?

Settlement will only be done to your registered account. Coins TradeDesk will not send cryptocurrency to an external wallet address, or deposit/transfer PHP to any other bank account or e-wallet.

What are the operational hours for Coins TradeDesk?

Standard business Hours: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Philippine Standard Time (UTC +8:00)

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