Coins Wiki: BONK

BONK is the social layer and utility token of Solana. BONK is the Solana's culture coin. Learn more about BONK here!

Token name







Overview of Token

Originally, 100 trillion BONK tokens were minted. While there is not a formal use case for each token within a central product, there are over 350 community-created utilities that utilize it alongside the core governance of BONK DAO. This entity is designed to help direct funding and social support to key areas voted on by the community. 

Since BONK does not have a central revenue mechanism and is not an inflationary asset, its supply remains static unless individual users decide to do specific actions with their tokens. 

Advisors & Partners

Currently, BONK boasts over 650k holders across 10 different chains.

Circulating Supply


Contract Address


Max Supply




Year in-corporated


Governance Token


What is $BONK?

BONK is a utility token that has over 350 integrations on Solana, and exists across 10 blockchains.

Who owns $BONK?

Since BONK lacks a centralized team behind it, it does not operate on a current roadmap nor does it have a central ownership structure. Various contributors, teams and the BONK DAO all work independently to develop and push forward individual projects and goals. Currently, the community is aligned on creating new games, new fitness applications such as Moonwalk, and developing core infrastructure and social use cases out of the BONK DAO.

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