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Coins Champions Program: Building Coinmunity Together!

Coins Champions Program: Building Coinmunity Together!

Interested in having a more impactful role inside the crypto community? Join the Coins Champions Program!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of being a Coins Champion!

What is the Coins Champions Program?

Launched in 2022, the Coins Champions Program is a community-focused initiative within It offers volunteer positions to users and community members that have shown leadership and potential to help grow and care for the Coins community, or better known as Coinmunity!

Champions’ Roles in the Coinmunity

From left to right: Coins Campaigns Manager Thea,  Coins Champions Albert, Rhoda, Bary, Gelo, and Snow during the Coins Affiliate Masterclass Event on March 2, 2024.

Champions hold significant responsibilities within the program. Rhoda Leano, a former OFW and a recent addition to the Coins Champions, shares the core duties inherent in her role.

"As Coins Champions, our goal is to nurture and grow the Coins Community. We’re at the forefront of engagement," Rhoda explains. "As Champions, we shape conversations, guide users through their Coins experience, and ensure everyone feels safe and supported as they explore the crypto space through Coins."

Reflecting on her most memorable experience being a Champion, Rhoda highlights the time when she successfully encouraged her friends to become Coins VIP members and even assisted a  user to trade again with Coins.

Rewards of Championing Coins

From left to right (back): Coins Champions Bary, Snow, Ivax, and Albert (front) Rhoda & Trish during the Content Creator Edition Powered by fanC Event on January 26, 2024.

Coins Champions receive several benefits that reward their ongoing engagement and commitment. Ivax Asuelo, one of the seasoned Coins Champions, highlights what he loves most about the program.

"The most exciting part is access to exclusive events," Ivax explains. "I’m able to hear and engage industry experts which not everyone has the privilege of doing so. During these events, I get to deepen my understanding of blockchain ecosystems and web3 which I pass on to others.”

Ivax also emphasizes how participation in the program, backed by the largest crypto exchange in the country, has elevated his profile and credibility within the crypto community.

By empowering volunteers such as Rhoda and Ivax, the Coins Champions Program aims to create a community where users are valued and heard.

Be a Coins Champion Today!
If you’re interested in becoming a Coins Champion like Rhoda and Ivax, you may submit your application via the link below!

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