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Coins launches the 20/20 Referral Rewards Program

Coins launches the 20/20 Referral Rewards Program

Enjoy referral rewards when you get a friend sign up and spot trade on Coins  today.

Click the questions for more information:

What rewards can I get for inviting a friend?

Both you and your friend will be rewarded when the referred person successfully completes his or her first trade…and possibly even more!

Here’s what the 20/20 Referral Rewards Program works:

1. If you are the referrer, you will receive 20%* of every trade your referred and newly registered friend makes (and for every trade made thereafter**)—with NO requirement to trade on your part.

2. If you are the referee (a.k.a. the referred one), you will receive a recurring discount of up to 20% on your own trade/s. These discount/s are immediately deducted from your trade fee/s.

* Amount/s are calculated and paid out daily based on the previous day’s trading. Subject to 10% withholding tax.

** TIN details may then be required.

How are referral rewards calculated?

Here’s a sample transaction:

You (the referrer) invite your friend, (the referee), to join Coins using your referral code. He then immediately starts trading SLP.

So if he trades for a fee of 10 SLP:

- Your friend (the referee) will get a 2 SLP discount since that is 20% of the original 10 SLP fee.

- You (the referrer) will receive 1.6 SLP*** rebate (since this is 20% of the discounted fee, or 10 SLP - 2 SLP discount = 8 SLP) your friend paid. That is 8 SLP x 0.20 = 1.6 SLP commission to receive.

If it helps, a simpler way to compute your mutual rewards are the numbers “20/20”—your referral gets a 20% discount on his trades, and you get 20% commission (before taxes) as the referrer. Just note that the currency of the reward received is based on the token used for the initial trade.

*** Subject to 10% withholding tax.

When will I receive my referral commission?

As a Referee, your commissions are calculated and paid out daily based on the previous day’s trading of your referee. So all commissions will be received within 24 hours from the fulfilled trades of your referee.

On the other hand, your referee should receive his rebate/ deduction off his trade fee/s immediately.

Note: Account must be at least Level 2 (ID & selfie) verified to enjoy referral commissions.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite?

None. You can invite as many people (referrals) that want to join the Coins Referral Rewards program.Just make sure that they have not yet previously signed up to

Can I get a step-by-step walkthrough on how I can invite friends and earn some easy crypto?

No problem!

You have 3 ways to invite or refer a friend.

Method 1: Manually share unique invitation code

First, go to the user menu on the upper right corner of the page and click Refer a friend.

  • Copy your unique invitation code and share with your friend
  • Your friend (referee) needs to paste your unique referral code on the referral code field upon signing up on Coins Pro via Web. They must click “I have a referral code” on the sign up page to be able to paste this.

Method 2: Share the invitation link directly with your friends

Share your invite link to your friend so that they can easily sign up using your link

Method 3: Share and let your friends scan your unique QR invitation

Share QR Code with your friend

Upon successful signup, your friend (referee) needs to fulfill two more criteria before you can receive revenue and rewards from Coins.

  • Your friend (referee) completes ID and Selfie verification.
  • Your friend (referee) completes a successful spot trade market order on Coins Pro.

Kindly note that Coins will only accept a successful referral from a newly registered account. Accounts that have already been previously registered  are not eligible to be a referee.

How can I check my commission and rebate history?

1. Click Refer a friend from the account options:

2. On the Referral Program page under Reward Summary, you will see the number of friends you have invited, and the commissions you have received when your referred friends have completed trades.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Coins maintains its absolute right to modify the referral fees and/or commissions at any time which shall be effective immediately.
  2. Coins shall terminate and/or cancel  any and all referral commissions and discounts, and deactivate the accounts of users whom we detect fraudulent activity from, or create multiple accounts to abuse the benefits of the referral program.
  3. Any referral fees and/or commissions earned shall be subject to applicable taxes and/or surcharges as well as proof of TIN.

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