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FIBA NFTs on Coins, Crypto’s Asia Pivot, and Telegram’s Wallet Integration: Discover crypto news here.

FIBA NFTs on Coins, Crypto’s Asia Pivot, and Telegram’s Wallet Integration: Discover crypto news here.

FIBA 2023 Teams Up with and Venly for NFT Launch is set to host NFTs commemorating FIBA 2023, thanks to a partnership between FIBA 2023 and Venly. These NFTs are expected to celebrate the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, highlighting's growing role in the NFT space and its connection to international sports events. This collaboration marks another step towards mainstream NFT adoption. (BitPinas)

Crypto Industry Turns to Asia Amid SEC Crackdown

The cryptocurrency industry is increasingly looking to Asia for growth opportunities as the U.S. SEC's regulatory crackdown leads to layoffs and uncertainty. Firms are relocating and expanding in countries like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, which offer more favorable regulatory environments. This shift underscores the global nature of the crypto market and the desire to operate in regions with clearer regulatory frameworks. (Bloomberg)

Telegram Announces TON Crypto Wallet Integration

Telegram has integrated TON crypto wallet into its platform, allowing users to store and transfer digital assets. This move is part of the company's commitment to embracing blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Telegram aims to provide a seamless experience for users interested in crypto, further expanding its capabilities beyond messaging. (The Block)

Circle Boosts Liquidity for USDC Stablecoin, Growing Market Cap

Circle is increasing liquidity for its USDC stablecoin, aiming to solidify its position as one of the leading stablecoins in the crypto market. This move comes as the stablecoin's market capitalization continues to grow, reflecting the increasing demand for stable digital assets in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Circle's efforts signify its commitment to maintaining USDC as a trusted and widely used stablecoin. (Blockworks)

MetaMask Enhances Interoperability for Users

MetaMask has introduced new features to enhance interoperability through Snaps. Users can now access different blockchain networks and applications seamlessly, making it easier to navigate the decentralized ecosystem. This update reflects MetaMask's commitment to improving user experience within the blockchain space. (Blockworks)

Bitcoin Lightning Network Enables Global Payments Advancement

The former President of PayPal, David Marcus, praised the Bitcoin Lightning Network for revolutionizing global payments, comparing it to the transition from fax to email. Marcus highlighted the Lightning Network's potential to enable faster and more efficient cross-border transactions, emphasizing its role in modernizing the payment industry. This endorsement underscores the growing importance of blockchain technology in the financial sector. (Cointelegraph)

PayPal Launches Crypto-to-USD Conversion Service

PayPal has introduced a new service allowing users to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into USD. This move expands PayPal's crypto offerings and provides users with greater flexibility for managing their digital assets. It represents another step towards mainstream cryptocurrency integration within traditional financial platforms. (The Block)

G20 Advances International Crypto Framework Development

The G20 group of major economies is progressing in the development of an international framework for cryptocurrencies. This initiative aims to establish common regulations and standards for the crypto industry to enhance global cooperation and reduce regulatory fragmentation. The move reflects the increasing recognition of the importance of addressing crypto-related challenges at the international level. (Cointelegraph)

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