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Get 10% cryptoback with TM!

Get 10% cryptoback with TM!

We’re bringing cryptoback.. (yeah) 😎🎵

Calling all TM users! Get 10% cryptoback in $BTC when you buy TM EasySurf50 or EasySurf99.


Activity Period: November 18, 2022 to December 2, 2022


1️⃣ Purchase EasySurf50 or EasySurf99 via Buy Load. How do I buy load through

2️⃣ Complete this form upon successful Buy Load transaction to be eligible for the $BTC cryptoback reward:

  • P5 worth of BTC when you buy EasySurf50
  • P10 worth of BTC when you buy EasySurf99

Make sure to  fill out the form to be eligible for the reward! ➡️

Note: This promo is open to Level 2 verified users only.


  1. Promo period is November 18 to December 2, 2022.
  2. This promo is open to all ID and Selfie (Level 2) verified customers.
  3. Customers receive corresponding amount of BTC upon successful purchase of participating TM load products:
  4. P5 worth of BTC when you buy EasySurf50
  5. P10 worth of BTC when you buy EasySurf99
  6. Customers fill out this form upon successful transaction to become eligible for the promo.
  7. Customers must fill out the Form within the promo period.
  8. Customers may avail of the promo up to 4x during the promo period. This limit applies to both the participating load products, and NOT each (e,g, 1x purchase of EasySurf50 and 3x purchase of EasySurf99 or 2x purchase of EasySurf50 and 2x purchase of EasySurf99).  

    Note: Customers who wish to avail the promo more than once (e.g. twice, thrice) during the promo period are only required to fill out the Google Form once. The first four (4) successful transactions will be the basis of the reward. will verify the total eligible transactions of each participating customer, and will be credited accordingly.
  9. Customers’ load purchase must be processed and settled successfully during the promo period to be eligible for the promo.
  10. The mobile number used to purchase the participating TM product (not the recipient)  will be eligible for the reward.
  11. BTC will be sent to the eligible customers’ BTC wallet addresses within 10 business days after the promo period.
  12. The value of the BTC will be based on its rate during the first day of rewards distribution (PHT).
  13. Maximum of one account per individual.
  14. Unsuccessful load purchases that cannot be processed will have the payment amount refunded to the customer's PHP wallet and will not be eligible for the promotion.
  15. reserves the right to stop crediting of rewards for fraudulent transactions, incorrect customer data, or promo abuse.


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