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PHPC HODL & Earn is Now Live: Earn 8% p.a.!

PHPC HODL & Earn is Now Live: Earn 8% p.a.!

Coinmunity, get ready to HODL your way to 8% p.a. rewards with the PHPC HODL & Earn Program starting July 8, 2024!

PHPC is the Philippines’ first retail stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the Philippine Peso (PHP) and fully backed by cash and cash equivalents.

To learn more about PHPC, read the whitepaper here: link

How it works:

  • Easily convert PHP into PHPC with Coins’ simple Buy/Sell feature (no trading fees, get 1:1 always)
  • Hold 1,000 PHPC tokens or more in your Coins account each week
  • Earn 8% p.a. on holdings of up to 100,000 PHPC
  • Get rewards credited to your account each week

Terms and Conditions:
1. The PHPC HODL and Earn Program is open to all users who are identity verified.
2. Users can earn rewards on a maximum of  100,000 PHPC holdings.
3. User rewards will be calculated each week based on minimum holding balance starting from Monday to Sunday.
4. Coins reserves the right to cancel or amend the mechanics at its sole discretion including which tokens will be eligible for HODL and Earn and the percentage of rewards to be received.
5. reserves the rights to disqualify and exclude users who are involved in any dishonest or fraudulent behaviors (i.e wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, market manipulation).

HODL & Earn PHPC on Coins now and get 8% rewards!

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