Learn about ClashMon Today: A Free to Play RPG

Clashmon is a Free to Play, Collectible Battle RPG playable in any PC or Mobile Browser. It is entirely Free to Play, no purchase required.

Published November 29, 2023


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TORCH is the in-game currency of ClashMon. TORCH can be obtained through gameplay or purchases and are utilized to enjoy various in-game contents.

How to Earn

By earning Torch Tokens

  • The 1st and most common way to earn Torch Tokens(which is the utility token of ClashMon) is through competitions and combat such as the Championship Leaderboards(wherein the higher your rank, the more Torch Tokens you earn) 

  • Another way is via Battle Arena(wherein you stake your torch token as entrance fee to earn more tokens if you win).

  • If you are not competitive, another way to earn torch tokens is through mini-games such as Fishing and Galactic Shot. Build a deck of 5 ClashMons dedicated for fishing then sell your catch for Torch Token. 

  • You can also test your luck on Galactic Shot mini-game, an ultimate 'game of chicken,' where players must flee from a self-destructing Penguin; the longer you stay, the higher the reward, but only if you manage to escape the explosion in time.

By Selling NFTs in market

  • Upgrade your ClashMons and Gears to SR Grade then convert it to NFT for you to sell in market

Game Mechanics

Collect up to 350 ClashMons

  • Each ClashMon has their own unique stats, traits, and story.

Upgrade and Convert your ClashMon and Gears to NFT

  • Each ClashMon can be converted into NFTs upon reaching SR rank.

Fishing to Earn Tokens

  • Use your ClashMon to go fishing for loot, which you can sell in the shop for TORCH tokens.

Win in Championship Leaderboards and Battle Arena to earn TORCH tokens

  • Try your hand at either PVP or PVE battles!

Join the Galactic Shot mini-game and get a chance to win torch tokens.

  • Try your luck to earn TORCH! The amount of Torch you enter can be multiplied depending on the distance you've successfully traveled before your penguin explodes! 

What is ClashMon? Is it free-to-play?

ClashMon is a Free to Play, Collectible Battle RPG playable in any PC or Mobile Browser. It is entirely Free to Play, no purchase required.

Who is the team behind ClashMon?

ClashMon is produced with the full support of 12 experienced game developers and Web3 business veterans from Iskra.

Recent ClashMon Developments

The game was launched on September 19, 2023. For major updates, make sure to


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