Coins Wiki: $CBX

$CBX is the currency in the virtual world of CropBytes, and players can get it through in-game activities using the mining formulas.

Published December 4, 2023

Token name






Assets - ERC 1155 (Polygon) CBX - ERC 20 (Ethereum)

Overview of Token

CBX, the in-game currency of CropBytes, is revolutionizing in-game economics with its deflationary nature and economic integration. Following a model similar to Bitcoin, CBX's value is set to increase over time due to its limited supply. Players can mine CBX through in-game activities like farming, with the mining process becoming progressively harder, emulating Bitcoin's scarcity-based value increase. This player-driven economy puts control in the hands of gamers, allowing them to influence the game's supply and demand. CBX not only provides an engaging gaming experience but also serves as an accessible entry point into cryptocurrencies. With its blend of gaming and finance, CBX is poised to expand the boundaries of play-to-earn models and cryptocurrency usage in virtual environments, offering a unique investment avenue for gamers, crypto-enthusiasts, and investors.

Advisors & Partners

Among the popular ones: Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, Siddharth Menon,, Sequence

Circulating Supp


Contract Address


Max Supply


Blockchain Network


Year in-corporate

2021 (Token Release)

2018 (Game Release) (Until 2021, TRX was the in-game currency)

Token Use Cases

In-Game Currency: CBX serves as the primary currency for transactions within CropBytes, facilitating trade, purchases, and sales in the game.

Asset Acquisition: Players use CBX to buy various in-game assets like animals, trees, land, and equipment, crucial for farm development and progression.

Crafting and Upgrades: CBX is used for crafting essential items and upgrading assets, enhancing gameplay and productivity.

Mining Incentives: Players can earn CBX through in-game mining activities, integrating the play-to-earn concept.

Market Trading: CBX enables players to engage in market trading activities within the game, buying and selling commodities and assets.

Staking and Investment: Players can potentially stake CBX or invest it in various game-related ventures for returns, adding a layer of financial strategy.

Community Transactions: CBX facilitates player-to-player transactions, promoting a vibrant and interactive community economy.

Deflationary Mechanism: The deflationary nature of CBX adds to its value as a utility token, incentivizing long-term holding and strategic usage.

Exclusive Access: CBX might be required for accessing special events, exclusive content, or premium features in CropBytes.

Reward Mechanism: CBX can be awarded as reward for completing specific tasks, challenges, or milestones within the community or the game

What is $CBX?

CBX is the native digital currency used within CropBytes, a virtual farming simulation game. It plays a central role in the game's economy, serving various functions:

In-Game Currency: CBX is used for transactions within the CropBytes game, including buying, selling, and trading in-game assets like animals, crops, and equipment.

Economic Integration: The game integrates real-world economic principles through its unique economic model, Tegronomics, where CBX is a key element.

Player-Driven Economy: The value and utility of CBX are largely determined by the players themselves, as they engage in various in-game economic activities, making it a dynamic and interactive component of the game.

Mining and Earning: Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, CBX is mined through in-game activities, aligning the concepts of play-to-earn and crypto-mining. Players earn CBX by engaging in various activities within the game, such as farming and managing assets.

Deflationary Model: CBX follows a deflationary model, where its supply is gradually reduced over time, potentially increasing its value, similar to how Bitcoin’s scarcity impacts its value.

Accessibility: For gamers, CBX acts as an accessible introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies, mirroring the role Bitcoin has played for the general public in the broader financial landscape.

In summary, CBX is not just an in-game currency but also a cryptocurrency with real economic value, designed to integrate and reflect real-world economic principles within the virtual world of CropBytes.

Who owns $CBX?

The CropBytes team looks over the distribution, production, burn, and other activities of CBX.

Recent $CBX Updates

Some major recent updates include:

2024 Game Experiences: Preparations for major new game experiences in 2024, promising an exciting year ahead.

Superheroes on Polygon: Transition of over 1900 Superheroes into ERC-721 Tokens on the Polygon blockchain, enabling trade and interoperability across multiple platforms.

Superhero Battles Game: Launch of a Superhero Battles game in 2024, transitioning from farming to PVP battles.

CB Army App & Dynamic SH Breeding: Introduction of the CB Army app for community rewards and a new breeding mechanism for Superheroes with a maximum supply cap.

Player XP System: Implementation of a new Player XP System to recognize achievements and support player progression.

Web3 Gaming Event Participation: Participation in a major Web3 gaming event and introduction of new gaming features like Speed Fishing Mode.

Public Metrics Dashboard & USDT Markets: Launch of a public metrics dashboard for transparency and removal of trading fees on all USDT markets.

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