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Published January 11, 2024

Token name






Layer-1 built on the CosmosSDK

Summary of Token

Coreum, the world’s first Superledger. A modular, layer-1 blockchain

created for enterprises of any size, from startups to large corporations. Providing a transactional speed of up to 7,000 TPS, complemented with Smart Tokens compatible with ISO 20022, guarantee swift and cost-effective transactions over a secure PoS network.

Overview of Token

As an Enterprise Graded Blockchain (EGB), Coreum introduces a new layer of programmability with 'Smart Tokens', enabling robust use cases through WASM-based smart contracts, including tokenized RWA's and Neobanking applications.

Advisors & Partners

Advisor - Carl Hua


Keyrock, GSR, Ripple, Banxa, Uphold, Bitgo, Wachsman, Ledger, D’Cent, Osmosis, Zeeve, Dora Hacks, Xangle, Alpha Growth 

Several Top Universities in the US

Circulating Supply 

Max Supply




Year in-corporated


Token Use Cases

Transaction Fees: Users may need to pay transaction fees in the native token to execute transactions on the Coreum network.

Smart Contract Execution: The token is used to facilitate and execute smart contracts within the Coreum blockchain.

Staking and Governance: Token holders are able to stake their tokens to secure the network or participate in the governance of the protocol,influencing decisions related to network upgrades and changes.

Access to Decentralized Applications (DApps): The token serves as a means to access and use decentralized applications (DApps) or

services within the Coreum ecosystem.

Rewards and Incentives: Users and validators receive tokens as

rewards for participating in the network, such as validating transactions or providing computing resources.

Liquidity Provision: The token plays a role in liquidity provision for

decentralized exchanges or liquidity pools within the Coreum


Asset Tokenization: Coreum supports asset tokenization, the native

token is used to represent ownership or access to tokenized real-world assets. Smart Token technology is paramount in tokenization of RWAs.


Native DEX Launch, Osmosis Listing, Wave 3 Grantees Launching Projects, IBC Bridge to XRP Ledger, among many other chains, University Accelerator Program, Core Nest, Project Incubator launches. Sponsoring Major Events for 2024.

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