Coins Wiki: $FANC

fanC(FANC) is a reward-type blockchain(Watch to earn & Create to earn) project for creators and users who use the short-form content platform CELEBe.

fanC(FANC) is a reward-type blockchain(Watch to earn & Create to earn) project for creators and users who use the short-form content platform CELEBe.

Token name







Overview of Token

The fanC(FANC) service is based on the creators and users of the short-form content platform CELEBe, and it is open for use, without the need for any blockchain expertise. CELEBe aims to revitalize the short-form content platform so that anyone can easily create content, update their feed, and obtain rewards through fun activities on the platform in the form of fanC(FANC). Through fanC(FANC), users can directly support their creators. 

The emergence of a model where creators and users can grow together provides motivation to continuously produce high-quality content and drive continuous growth. fanC(FANC) aims to integrate the decentralization trend into the “Creator Economy” model to maximize the influence of creators and users along with the growth of the platform. 

The combination of NFT and Short-form will become an important driving force for the expansion of the fanC & CELEBe platform ecosystem.


Advisors & Partners

FANC's most important partnership is its partnership with global game company Wemix. This collaboration has attracted investment from Wemix and is interacting in various fields. 

In addition, FANC's short-form platform CELEBe has strategic partnerships with many companies for various short-form content. 

*MCN(Pi Corporation, Playtown, SOON EN), SB Investment, Sports Today, Box Studio, etc.

FANC built its own NFT Marketplace. More than 4,000 celebrities held by Sellerby and NFTs from various creators will be available for trading. FANC will be available as a payment method for purchase, which will expand its usefulness.

LG Electronics is another important partner of CELEBe. LG Electronics' smart TVs will be able to receive Watch to Earn rewards using a CELEBe-only app. Finally, FANC has a partnership with Daem Daem, a Korean transportation card charging and payment app. Various payments and public transportation can be used through rewards obtained as compensation for CELEBe short platform activities.

Circulating Supply

203,359,123 FANC

Contract Address


Max Supply

3,000,000,000 FANC

Number of Holders




Year in-corporated


Governance Token


Fun Facts

In the past, the commercial model for the CELEBe app was BLACKPINK JISOO. It is also close to E-sports. It formed a partnership with T1, where Faker belonged, and there was a Vietnamese LOL CELEBe team(CELEBe.2L).

Token Use Cases

-Regular users earn rewards through CELEBe short-form viewing activities.

-Anyone can easily create and update short-form content and earn rewards.

-We aim to be a Web 3.0 short-form platform that expands into an NFT platform.

“It is the ultimate goal of fanC(FANC) to form a virtuous cycle that motivates creators and users to participate in short-form content platform activities, thereby fostering new creators and activating diverse NFT activity development.”

What is $FANC?

fanC(FANC) is a reward-type blockchain project for creators and users who use the short-form content platform CELEBe. Creators and users can experience a new form of social media by sharing daily events, obtaining rewards for their activities on the short-form platform.

In addition, it provides access to exclusive NFT content created by influencers and various blockchain-based services such as WATCH TO EARN, CREATE TO EARN and NFT MarketPlace.

fanC(FANC) will build the ‘Creator Economy’ through the short-form content platform ‘CELEBe’ and provide new services to users with NFT content that reinforces the user reward process.

Who owns $FANC?

fanC(FANC) is run by CELEBe and FANC LIMITED. CELEBe, a short-form platform that receives fanC(FANC) rewards, currently has more than 5 million subscribers.

Users do not need to own NFTs to receive fanC(FANC) rewards.

Anyone can become a creator or get a daily Watch to earn fanC(FANC) reward by signing up.

$FANC Economy

Through the short-form content platform CELEBe, fanC(FANC) provides users with new services such as Watch to earn&Create to earn, NFT trade and builds a creator economy.

fanC(FANC) can generally be purchased at a decentralized exchange or virtual asset exchange where it is listed. Apart from the general purchase method, in the fanC(FANC) ecosystem, users can earn fanC(FANC) through content creation on CELEBe, online activity rewards on CELEBe, content creation and registration rewards in the initial NFT marketplace, participation in influencers’ Fandoms NFT ecosystem. In fanC(FANC)’s ecosystem, commissions generated by various services(SWAP, Sponsorship functions, NFT Market Place, etc.) are redistributed via reward, buybacks, and incineration of fanC(FANC).

Recent $FANC Developments

It launched its own Ethereum-based Web 3.0 virtual asset fanC wallet. Recently, UI/UX has been updated to make it easier to use. It acts as a bridge for all fanC and CELEBe services.

In June 2023, the fanC Foundation announced a partnership with ‘Daem Daem’, a Korean public transportation charging and payment app. Transportation Pay points can be converted into rewards accumulated through CELEBe short platform activities, and can be used for bus and subway use and for payments at online and offline affiliated stores.

Additionally, CELEBe recently announced that it is launching a service that will allow users to receive rewards while watching TV through LG Electronics' Smart TV WebOS.

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